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The purpose of this forum is to facilitate networking & interaction amongst fellow Zoroastrians, viz., extending our acquaintance to members of our community across cities, states, & borders by sharing worthwhile articles & information, providing possible assistance on request, etc…

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  • I read novel SOCIETY written by Mr. Mehernosh Kapadia.
    To be honest I bought the book only to encourage a Parsee brother , but let me tell you it is better than any other author i have read in last 20 years. Just too good, excellent

  • a new author is born in our community

    Mehernosh Kapadia with his novel Society

    Excellently written.

    All community members should back a man like this , all Parsee papers should give him exposure and the Parsee Panchayat honour him


    Geart work brother keep it up

    Let us know when ever you write the next novel , which i am sure

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