Guidelines on How to approach and pray before Iranshah (Udvada)

Tir roz, Khordad mah, YZ 1377

(23 November 2007)


Dear Zarathushti friends,


we have received a very informative listing on the true procedure to be followed when going and praying before Iranshah.


This is in form of a booklet put forth by Tehmurasp Shawaksha Pardiwala, which we share with you. All the credits are due to the author himself.


As Ervad K N Dastor explains in the foreword of the booklet: “Pak Iranshah is a live, living, glowing flame for the Parsi community. Iranshah is a manifestation of the love and devotion moving in our heart for our dear Paigambar Zarthrushtra. The divine light, which is glowing for past 1200 years without even a second’s break, is a link between the Parsi community and Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda.”


It is also further mentioned that: “Mr. Tehmurasp Pardiwala has explained these rules beautifully in a simple language, as to how one should present himself before Iranshah so that one can help Iranshah in His mission and do not become a cause, an instrument of disturbance in His work. To follow these rules and regulations is not at all difficult.”


So here below is the booklet reproduced both in text form and in an enclosed PDF.


This is also available at the educational and informative Traditional Zoroastrian website


We thank the authors of this website and to individuals like Mr Tehmurasp Pardiwalla, the Parsee Voice, Mrs. Pervin J Mistry and many others who do work silently for the good of the community.


Please share this email with all good and deserving Zarathushtis so that they realise that Iranshah is a real treasure which we as a community possess and how important it is for us to keep both Iranshah and Udvada pure and pristine.


With best wishes

TZML Admins

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