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Hotel Connections is the “Marketing Representative” of various hotels all over India. It ties up with hotels not having any sales representations at Bombay and then promotes these hotels to Travel Agents, Corporate Houses and the Individual Traveler.

There are many small and large individually owned (non-chain) hotels that do not have the infrastructure or the expertise to promote their properties in cities all over India. Similarly Travel Agents, Corporate Houses and the Individual Traveler too find it inconvenient to book different hotels at different places for one particular traveler visiting various places. For example, if a family is going to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur and he has different requirements for the type of hotels at each place, then the Travel Agent booking this family may have a tough time sourcing different hotels in different categories at each place. He cannot risk booking his client in just about any hotel, for fear of the hotel to not be upto the mark of his client and thereby loosing the client. Similarly if the family itself would like to do the booking directly through the Internet, they would still be wary, because they would not be having much of an idea about the hotels. This is exactly where Hotel Connections comes into the picture. When a Travel Agent, or even an Individual family makes their bookings through Hotel Connections, they are assured that the hotels that they are being booked into are hotels that have all being properly checked and meet the requirements of the guests.

Besides Hotel Reservations, Hotel Connections also takes care of all other tourist requirements, like air ticketing, booking a car or bus for sightseeing, planning an itinerary, or even arranging an entire package tour.

The network of Hotel Connections is not restricted just to Bombay, its clientele comprises of Travel Agents from cities all over Maharashtra and Gujarat and also from a few cities in Madhya Pradesh and states down South.

The hallmark of Hotel Connections is to provide prompt and personalized service and more importantly to patiently cater to each and every query that a person may have and also offer suggestions – something that booking through the internet will not provide. For this a person does not have to necessarily go to the Hotel Connections office. All his inquiries can be answered to over the telephone and the booking too can be made over the telephone. Then once the bookings are taken care off, the vouchers are delivered to the person and the payment collected.

Hotel Connections is led by Ashdin H. Dodhy, whose educational background is in “Hotel & Tourism Management” and “Marketing & Business Management” and with an experience of over Two Decades in this industry. The other team members of Hotel Connections also comprise of committed professionals with educational backgrounds and training in the tourism industry.

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  • The Indian Hospitality sector requires more of these organizations, as India has huge number of hotels and many are in the making , an integrated service like this can increase the potential of the current trend in hospitality.

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