A Guide to our Prayers

A GUIDE TO OUR PRAYERS – This book is dedicated to SHREEJI IRANSHAH – by Tehmurasp Shawaksha Pardiwala with a Foreword by Meherji Dastur Kekobad Meherjirana (Vada Dasturji – Navsari).

The intention of publishing this book is to provide necessary guidance to the fellow Zorastrians who may not be knowing the various do’s and don’ts of our prayers. From the feedback that I received about the Gujarati version of the book I realised that there is enough enthusiasm and desire to know about our prayers. However, language was the barrier as many young and some old people too unfortunately cannot read Gujarati.
It is said that a man who does not read is no better than a man who cannot. However in this case, even the people wanting to read and know more about our prayers could not do so because of the language problem.
With a view to help this group who could get the benefit out of my book, I have ventured into this project to bring out an English edition of the original book written in Gujarati called “Bandagi Maate Jaroori Margadarshan” now called “A guide to our Prayers”. To avoid confusion and for the sake of simplification the timings of different Gahs are changed in this book from local time to Indian Standard Time. Some minor desirable changes are also made in this book.
It is my sincere request particularly to the young generation that they should try and learn our mother tongue Gujarati, for the simple reason that they are missing the real taste of the cake. Though we have lost a vast treasure of our religious literature, we still have enough that we can read, understand, digest and put into practice. But most of it is in Gujarati and therefore your attempt to learn this language will not go waste.
With this few words I wish the readers a very pleasant, meaningful and thoughtful reading.


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