Sam Eruch Irani Educational Trust

‘Sam Eruch Irani’ is the late father of Mr.Meherdad Irani, who is the founder of the trust and also the settlor of the SAM ERUCH IRANI MEMORIAL EDUCATIONAL CHARITABLE TRUST.He is an Indian, born and brought up in a zoroastrian family. He has gone across a harsh life and presently, he is working for Royal College, Mira Road, Mumbai as a lecturer in the French Language.

SAM ERUCH IRANI MEMORIAL EDUCATIONAL TRUST was founded on June 13, 2006 with a view to advance some charitable objects like encouragement and spread of education, research and other charitable objects.

Objectives of the Trust:

* To use the net income of the trust property for awarding periodical or occasional scholarships or prizes to students prosecuting any studies or doing other research or in donations or grants to schools and universities or other educational bodies or to institutions or associations doing research, imparting other education or for the work of promotion of social or removal of economic distress caused by floods, famine, epidemics or otherwise, or towards such other charitable object or objects.

* The trust is a new hope for the underprivileged sections of the society, and it it’s the earnest endeavor to ensure that, the hopes of the underprivileged sections are achieved in the interest of mankind and the society at large ……………………………Click here for more…….

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