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Learn and Earn Scheme 2021: For Minorities


My dear friends as you know that India is a very populous country. People of all castes and religions reside in our country. Due to which the biggest problem of our country is unemployment. The Government of India continues to announce several schemes to remove unemployment. And continues to give government allowance to the unemployed youth of the country. Keeping this in view, the government has started a scheme.
Name of this scheme “Learn and earn scheme” Have been kept Under this scheme, efforts are being made to empower minority communities like Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Parsis, citizens of these religions (Just like Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Parsi Empower the Citizens of These Religions). The main objective of this scheme is to raise the citizens of these minority communities above the unemployment (Minority Community Citizens Unemployment). Minority unemployed citizens of the country can avail benefits under this scheme.
This scheme will help all unemployed youth from the country to get employment and make them efficient (Helping all Unemployed Youth to Get Employment and Make Them Skilled). Learn and Earn With the introduction of Yojana, minority unemployment will be removed. If any citizen of the country starts the work of learning. So this will reduce unemployment. Based on this scheme, the government also wants to enable the people of the minority community (To Enable the People of Minority Community Also). So that these people too can start their employment. The government has decided that strong human resources preparation is to be done under this scheme.
Many old traditional skills of minority communities have also been included under this scheme. This course covers things like sewing, weaving, embroidery, woodwork, leather goods, carpets (Including Things Like Sewing, Knitting, Embroidery, Woodwork, Leather Goods, Carpet). So that these people can get employment for themselves. So friends you also want to take advantage of this scheme. So you too can apply online for this scheme.
Now you must be thinking how to apply for this scheme? What are the benefits of this? What qualifications should there be? So friends, you do not need to panic. I will give you all the information through this article. Please read this article carefully.


The main objectives of the Learn and Earn scheme are to reduce unemployment of minority people. So that these people have to get protection, develop them and connect these unemployed youth with the market. So that these people can easily sell the goods made by them in the market. The government will provide Mall Selling Facility in Government Market in the market. Under this scheme, the government has decided to promote the traditional skills of minority people and increase their work efficiency and work efficiency by using new machines. The goal of this scheme is to reduce the number of youth who drop out of education by minority youth. The government has to prepare human resources for all the youth of the country.


The government has laid down some terms and conditions for the citizens taking advantage of the Learn and Earn scheme. The details of which are given below.

  • Citizen must have at least 05 pass to apply for this scheme.
  • Citizen must be between 14 and 35 years to avail the learn and earn scheme.
  • To take advantage of this scheme, citizens should belong to minority communities like Christian, Persian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jain.


To apply online in Friends Learn and Earn Scheme, go to this official website –


ByNayer Regaldo

Monthly lectures on Zoroastrianism

Institute of Zoroastrian Studies

Public Lecture Series

The North American Mobeds Council (NAMC) is a consortium of Mobeds of North America dedicated to service the Religious and Spiritual needs of the North American Zoroastrian Community,

The Institute of Zoroastrian Studies is an Educational Arm of NAMC with an objective to train Mobeds and impart knowledge of Zoroastrianism to fellow Zoroastrians and to the general public.

These monthly lectures by learned Mobeds is an initiative of the Institute of Zoroastrian Studies for the enlightenment of the general public.

Please visit

for more information.

The first lecture will be next Sunday December 20th at 2 PM ET (11 AM PT) by Mobed Soli P. Dastur.

His subject:  Life of Prophet Zarathushtra

The ZOOM Link for this lecture is:


We hope to see you all next Sunday.

Love and Tandoorasti, Soli


Effective Remote Learning – Managing Stress and Time

Title:  Effective Remote Learning – Managing Stress and Time

Speaker:  Farrokh Mistree.  L.A. Comp Chair and Professor, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Date:  September 19, 2020

Time:  7:30 PM IST / 10:00 AM EST / 9:00 AM CST

Abstract:  COVID 19 has affected the lives of people all over the world. In academia we have moved from face to face instruction to on-line or hybrid modes of instruction.  This has altered the pedagogical model that we are all used to in that there is a greater need for a student to manage stress and time.  In this talk I will offer some pointers on how one can learn in a remote learning environment.

Biography:  Farrokh’s passion is to have fun in providing an opportunity for highly motivated and talented people to learn how to define and achieve their dreams. Farrokh holds the L. A. Comp Chair in the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.  Farrokh received his B. Tech (Hons) degree in Naval Architecture in 1967 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 1974.  He is highly cited author who has published over 400 papers, two books and four research monographs.  Farrokh is a Fellow of ASME, an Associate Fellow of AIAA, a Life Member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.  Farrokh co-directs the Systems Realization Laboratory @ OU with his wife Professor Janet K. Allen in Industrial and Systems Engineering.  Their research focus is on defining the emerging frontier for the “intelligent” decision-based realization of complex (cyber-physical-social) systems when the computational models are incomplete and inaccurate.

Link to connect :

Study in Japan Project

Dear aspirant students and faculty in the field of IT, here is a great opportunity to get enrolled in Japan at three prominent universities which are presenting their Sep/2021 batches for UG/PG for your degrees.
On 6th of Oct. there will be a webinar being conducted for the promotion of their English taught courses.
Please go see the admission guidelines first to ensure you are eligible for application. For any doubts or clarificatiins please contact the host.
‘Study in Japan Project’ will conduct the following  webinar for the aspirant and eligible students and/or faculties in the field of Information Technology (Both Undergraduate and Graduate Student) who would like to get enrolled in the Sep/2021 batches at three prominent Japanese universities.
Dear students and faculties,
This session is designed for the aspirant and eligible students and/or faculties for the South Asian countries.
1.      Date/Timing
Oct 6 13:00 to 15:10 (Indian Standard Time)
2.      Host: University of Tokyo Indian Office
Speakers  :
The University of Tokyo (for Graduate Student)
Kyoto University of Advanced Science
 (for Undergraduate & Graduate)
 The University of Aizu (for Undergraduate & Graduate)
3.      The participants of seminar are required to register in advance for this webinar.
(Please select language of your choice on the right lower part of the page if needed.)
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
4. Admission guidelines for Sep 2021 enrollment is kept in the following link.
①University of Tokyo
②Kyoto University of Advanced Science
③The University of Aizu
1) Graduate school:
We hope for your participation.
Best regard
Director, The University of Tokyo India Office

Ferdowsi Presidential Chair in Zoroastrian Studies at UC Irvine

UCI Jordan Center for Persian Studies & Culture is pleased to announce the establishment of the Ferdowsi Presidential Chair in Zoroastrian Studies at UC Irvine.The University of California, Irvine has received a $1.5 million challenge commitment from the Massiah Foundation to establish the Ferdowsi Presidential Chair in Zoroastrian Studies – the first of its kind in the United States. Additionally, the University of California will support the chair with up to $500,000.

The Massiah Foundation was founded by Fariborz Maseeh, Ph.D., an Iranian American businessman and pioneer in the field of microelectromechanical systems who lives in Newport Beach. Maseeh has a history of making philanthropic investments in education, the arts and health-related causes through the organization.

In 2005, the Massiah Foundation funded the creation of UCI’s Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture, the first independent, interdisciplinary center focused on Iran within the UC system. The new Ferdowsi Presidential Chair in Zoroastrian Studies will be affiliated with the Jordan Center.

“We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Maseeh for establishing this new chair to expand research into Zoroastrian studies,” said UCI history professor Touraj Daryaee, the Maseeh Chair in Persian Studies and Culture and director of the Jordan Center. “The chair will enhance the already rich global historical and cultural study that takes place in the center, further raising its distinction not just at UCI but throughout the world.”

The new chair is named in honor of Ferdowsi, the 10th-century Persian poet who is often credited with saving the Persian language by writing Shahnameh (Book of Kings), the national epic of Greater Iran. Maseeh hopes the chair will challenge and inspire the diasporic Parsi community – the ethnoreligious group of followers of Zoroastrianism who immigrated to the Indian subcontinent during and after the Muslim conquest of Persia – to help him revive an ancient Persian philosophy.

“By broadening UCI’s Persian studies program to include Zoroastrianism, we encourage young people to enrich their multicultural awareness – an essential component of working and living in a modern, multiethnic society,” Maseeh said.

The Jordan Center is both UCI’s dedicated hub for Persian studies and a global destination for Persian scholars. Since its inception, the center has hosted international conferences on the Iranian world and created clusters uniting researchers from a multitude of disciplines across campus. It has also established an online, peer-reviewed journal called the Digital Archive of Brief Notes & Iran Review.

UCI students can minor in Persian studies and take courses about ancient and modern Iran; graduate students can pursue a specialization in ancient Iran and the premodern Persianate world. The Ferdowsi Chair will be UCI’s fifth endowed chair in Persian studies – more than any other university in the United States.

The holder of the chair – which will be supported by the Department of Classics and the Program in Religious Studies – will be a recognized expert in Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest continuously practiced religions.

“Zoroastrianism has been one of the leading religious and philosophical forces of the ancient world,” said Andromache Karanika, associate professor and chair of classics. “The establishment of the Ferdowsi Chair will enhance the understanding of antiquity and its vast legacy in today’s world and bring exciting new intersections for scholars at UCI.”

Brian T. Hervey, vice chancellor for university advancement and alumni relations, added: “Zoroastrianism represents a cultural legacy for tens of thousands of Persians, many of whom live right here in UCI’s surrounding Southern California region. Through Dr. Maseeh’s generous gift, we will grow our offerings in Persian studies and serve the public interest.”

The Massiah Foundation’s $1.5 million gift elicited an additional $500,000 from the UC Presidential Match for Endowed Chairs program.

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