Chief Principles of Our Zoroastrian Religion


From the book ZARATHUSHTRA and his teachings

Author: Dasturji Khurshed Sahpoorji Dabu


·   Religion should be a living force in our life, and should not be confined to a study of scriptural texts.  In other words, our behaviour should indicate if religion is permeating (Spreading or spread throughout) it on all occasions.


·   Religion should be like a perfume spreading sweet influence through each thought word and deed.


Zarathushtra has laid down some virtues, which each one of his followers must show in daily conduct.


1) Each Zoroastrian must be good and beneficent in conduct towards all around him.

2) He cannot injure the interests of any man or living being.

3) Our speech has to be sweet and beneficial.

4) Goodness is Godliness and true Zoroastrian should be a ministering angel to all. God is so gracious in providing our needs without any expectation of a reward. So should we radiate goodness every moment of our life.

5) A Zoroastrian always tries to avoid unnecessary dissensions    (Disagreement among those expected to cooperate) as he is asked to be “a bridge over a gulf dividing two sects”, by seeing the underlying unity, inspite of conflicting view points.

      He is a peacemaker and would recognize some truth in every aspect of many-sided arguments.“ To see the other fellow’s viewpoint “ needs great tact.

 6) A Zoroastrian should never force his own opinion on another, as there is freedom of conscience for each one of us. “Forced conversions” are Never successful or long lasting.  Zoroaster’s very first sermon (Gatha 30) asks each one of the audience to use his or her “light of reason” and then formulate one’s own belief.

 7) The Zoroastrian doctrine of self sacrifice enjoins all of us to consider the welfare of others before that of our own.  We grow by giving and not by acquisitive greed.  We are trustees of what we possess and should willingly share our gifts with others.  Charity is a special virtue amongst the Parsis, because they think it their duty to improve the lot of those, who are not so fortunate in many directions. 


The axiom laid down by Zarathushtra is:

If you wish to be happy, make others happy.

            In proportion as we render others happy, are we entitled to similar  bounty from God.



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  • I love the Principles of Our Zoroastrian Religion

  • cool unique and worth following

  • I just want to verify whether the Zoroaster do perform five time prayer just like Muslim do perform salat prayer.Someone told me that Zoroaster do perform five time prayers just like Muslim.

  • Ervad Hoshang J Bhadha

    @Kareem. You mean Zoroastrian NOT Zoroaster. Yes, Zoroastrian is obligated to his/her soul/fravashi to recite prayers 5 times a day. There are specifics of each Geh, when and what to recite. Its different for all five times. No a Zoroastrian is not required to scream or sing prayers to please anyone and anything in this world. Hope this will help.

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