Miracle at the Leopold Café – Nov.2008




Although the entire Leopold Cafe was destroyed beyond belief during the recent attacks in Mumbai, the photo of Asho Zarathushtra stood undamaged on the wall in the cafe.

 This story must be spread because even when the devastating earthquake took place in Bhuj, the only structure to have existed on the streets in the entire town, otherwise totally destroyed, was the Bhuj Agiary! The rest just did not exist any longer. Pictures of this heavenly & peaceful structure are attached.


Miracles do happen.

There must be something supreme, some Super Power, in our manthravani and in the photograph of our Holy Zarathusht Paigambar Saheb, WHOM we must remember & worship by offering our daily prayers.

This story of the PHOTO still standing inspires faith. The first thing we teach a child is to say “dadarji“; even before our kids learn to crawl, we teach them to first learn to bow their head, do naman, to the holy picture of our Zarathushtra Paigambar Saheb.  

All these incidents only inspire greater faith in Zoroastrianism.

An article on Paigambar Zarathusht for reading:


Asho Zarathushtra Picture : asho-zarathushtr11 

 Bhuj Agiyari Pictures : agiyari_bhuj_1   agiyari_bhuj_2   agiyari_bhuj_3   agiyari_bhuj_4

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