Finding Zarathushtra

“It Starts with Z: Finding Zarathrushtra”

Roxanne, a young Canadian woman, is our guide as we travel with her down the path of discovery, exploring her faith, her society and her heritage.
From her home in Nova Scotia, Roxanne takes us to Toronto and to San Jose where she is united with family she has never met.  An overwhelming and emotional experience, this is the first time she as joined her community in such a large number.  She then takes us to England, to her cousin’s wedding and then to India where everyone gets to join in the celebrations of a navjote.  We are then off to the Zoroastrian homeland, Persia where the larger than life ruins of Pasargaede and Persepolis in Iran take us back to the time Zarathrustra walked preaching the word of Ahura Mazda.

Throughout the series Roxanne explores her roots, roots belonging to all Zarathushtris.  She discovers the legacy that the vast Diaspora of Zarathrustis has created, the most significant being the debate against proselytizing and conversion, which has left them questioning the protection of Parsi values at the expense of their future.

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