Avan Ardvisur Banoo Devotional Song

Baname Khuda!
Dear friends,
This is a very good song indeed, spread across 4 MP3 files, describing Avan Banoo’s wonderful functions in Nature.
The song is quite catchy and humable.
One of the promises made is : Avan Ardvi Sur Banoo farishta madad saoo ni aave, dukh aafat dur kari ne nek rah batave”
Meaning: Avan Banoo comes to the help of anyone who invokes her, She banishes the troubles in your life and shows you the Right part.
In another para, the song says: “Mazdayasni deen no fero deen maj pooro karje”.
Meaning: You are born in the Mazdayasni deen (religion), finish your earthly journey in this deen only. Clearly, it means no Conversion nonsense, from either the Mazdayasni Zarathushti deen to another, or vice-versa.
Later, I will share the meaning of the whole song. (Watch this site for the update)
The song is in the album Zoroastrian Songs, put forth by Maneckjee Cooper Education Trust, Juhu Tara Road. Beautifully compered by late Shri Adi Marzban.
I believe Mr. Giara ( giara@vsnl.com ) sells this cassette, and possibly the sukhad stores outsides agiaries, and possibly the one outside the Banaji Atashbehram.
It is indeed a collector’s item, buy it, treasure it, and play it, and give it as a gift to your dear Zarathushti friends and relations and family.
Best wishes,
Tehemton B. Adenwalla
Queue up the files to get a continuity in the song.

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