Monthly Archives: April 2009

Mumbai To China on Motor Cycle

From the Gateway of India to the Great Wall of China. This was one hell of a trip!

Partly on a bike and partly in the train, that’s how Dara Anklesaria and Soli Cooper traveled from the Gateway of India to the Great Wall of China. Needless to say, it was one hell of a trip…We journey with Dara Ankleseria and Soli Cooper on their momentous bike ride from Mumbai to Lhasa astride their Honda Unicorn 150cc bikes. And, onwards to Beijing on an epic train journey traversing Tibet-the roof of the earth, with some of the most pristine and picture perfect views on offer!

They recount their experiences for us…  Click here

Plastic Design Contest

You DREAM, THINK and we will CREATE anything which is possible in Plastic. This April, The Economic Times, along with OK Play India Ltd, brings to you “The Economic Times & OK Play Plastic Design Contest 2009” – A first and unique interactive platform for all you design enthusiasts. A contest completely dedicated to never-seen-before designs in Plastic, for the first time in India. Designers can participate in five categories, namely Plastic Innovation, Home in 2020, Children’s Products, Infrastructure and Wellness category……. Click Here for more