The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

By the grace of Pak Dadar Ahuramazda, of the thousands of divine miracles performed by Asho Zarathushtra Saheb, there is one in particular that we wish to bring to your attention. Jamasp in that age was a very well known and famous Hakim, ie physician, and to him there was gifted by Asho Zarathushtra Saheb a red rose. On smelling the beautiful fragrance of the rose Jamasp was instantly blessed with knowledge of the past, present and future. So just as we can tell you that in the late 2020’s there shall be another destructive Asian tsunami, this aspect of knowing the past, present and future is nothing new to us. For the history of our faith and that of Iran is filled with countless stories of teachings of the past, present and future. The North American continent for instance as many of you know is sitting upon a veritable time bomb of natural disaster scenarios from the build up of pressure inside the Yellowstone National Park region to the San Andreas fault. What the scientists cannot predict astrolgers can effortlessly see and that is why for many years now we have been urging our people to be very careful since the clock is ticking away and time is running out for this entire region.

So whether it be in the writings of books such as The Jamaspi and The Shah Nameh or If like us you have faith in the holy mountain of Demavand, the choice is yours to make. For even the facts agree that thanks to one Dastoor Adarbad Marespand Saheb over the next 3,000 years from inside of Iran, there came into being The Achemenians, The Parthians and The Sassanian Empires.

Furthermore in a time some 90 years before the story of Sassanian Shahnshah Yazdegard Sheriar, there was another man who came out of the holy mountain to enter the province of Pars. He chose some 1,305 men, women and children, before asking them to go home and collect burning material from the holy fires which they kept and prayed before. These fires he consecrated into what we call an Atash Adaran Padshah Saheb and then he helped those whom he had chosen to become the descendants of modern day Parsi community of India. The Atash Adaran Padshah Saheb mentioned above continues to burn today some 1,500 years after it’s consecration in a fire temple just outside the city of Surat in the state of Gujarat.

Before we continue it is very important to make known the fact that these Parsi people did not run away from Iran but were led away. And once again that reason has everything to do with knowledge of the past, present and future.

We now come to the present time and living memory where thanks to one Minocher Nusserwanji Pundol Saheb the whole aspect of knowledge of the past, present and future was once more brought into our lives. Unlike those who came before and who enjoyed very long life spans, this most respected and loved Pundol Saheb passed away in his sixties. Moreover he only taught during the last 15 or so years of his life, but thanks to him we have been able to raise the standards of our religious class. So much so indeed that once more it has been possible to consecrate new Atash Adaran Padshah Sahebs, as we call the second grade of holy fires in our faith. Also it is a most definite fact that today untold numbers of the faithful have become even more seriously religious and obedient to their faith.

The choice is therefore yours to make be it faith, astrology or facts that you may decide to take interest, or none at all, in noting the coming of THE 4 Horsemen, that begins with advent of the first and next  –

100th Rainidar Saheb, Shahnshah Shah Behram Varjavand. Destined to rule the entire world and establish a dynasty to last for some 500 years. To then be followed by a descendant of Yazdegard Sheriar who will come forth to create a new Sassanian Empire ordained by GOD to last for 300 more years to come.

Thousands of years shall pass and then when the time is right…………..please note that GOD is always on time, there shall come –

Hoshedar Baami

Hoshedar Mah and finally

Soshyos Saheb.

We cannot however leave you without one last glimpse into the future when in the time before the advent of Soshyos Saheb the forces of darkness and evil wage war with the forces of fire and light, in the titanic struggle between Zohak and Iran’s greatest hero, in the form of the legendary Kersasp and his awesome mace.

Cyrus R R Cooper

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