Sanam Rabadi

Let me introduce myself, I am Sanam Rabadi (Karunakar). I was paralyzed since 1995 due to a car crash. This left me home bound most of the time. With India not being very wheelchair friendly; I had to come up with a home based career. I also needed to do something that I absolutely loved, as I believe a person should feel fulfilled with the work they do! All my life, I have been crazy about dogs. My dreams of being a veterinarian were shattered after my accident. I love the company of my dogs!! They could be simply lying around or causing havoc in my house, no matter what, they always bring a smile on my face…

My husband Suraj and I, completed a dog trainers course held by Shirin Merchant who is trained under the world renowned animal behaviorist and trainer John Rogerson and a member of The Northern Centre for Animal Behaviour, England and The Pet Behaviour Institute, England.

That’s when Shirin suggested I take up pet sitting as a career. So, here we are today! Suraj has stood by me over these years and has been an active part of my life. He has given me strength and helped me start up Perfect Pooch. This website is all about our pet sitting business. Please browse through our pages and don’t forget to sign into our Guestbook with your views about us.. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome…. Click here for more

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  • Hi Sanam,
    You are great! and so is your husband Suraj.! I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work and follow your dream.
    Take care. love to Suraj and your Sis.
    Good Luck and a Big God Bless.
    Haven’t spoken since a long time will call u soon. Love. Thrity

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