How to make Zoroastrian Incense (Bakhoor).

There is an ancient tradition in many cultures (including Zoroastrian) to fumigate ones home with incense two times a day (i.e. during sunrise and after sunset) by putting incense on fire ambers taken from a continuous hearth. In our Zoroastrian tradition we fumigated our homes with Lobaan(Frankincense) only. But Ustad Saheb Behramshah N Shroff has given a specific instruction to never use Lobaan alone, but if lobaan is to be used it should be
mixed with sawdust (Veher) of Sukhad (sandalwood)(1).

Some might have read about different types of aromatic plants used in our Zoroastrian ceremonies. Given below is Ustad Saheb Behramshah N Shroff’s formulation on how to make Zoroastrian Incense(Bakhoor). Ingredients of Bakhoor are made up of aromatic plants and aromatic spices.

 Ingredients given below:

    Gujarati name                           English Name
1) Sukhad Veher                          Sawdust of Sandalwood.
2) Agar                                         Agarwood (aloes wood)
3) Tagar                                       Tagar (root of Valerian plant)
4) Lobaan                                     Frankincense (gum of Boswellia sacra plant)
5) Taj                                           Cinnamon
6) Lavung                                    Clove
7) Elchi                                        Cardamom
8) Jaiphal                                     Nutmeg
9) Javintri                                    Mace

These above ingredients should be properly dried in the sun and ground minutely and mixed together. Unfortunately the ratios of each of the ingredients is not mentioned in the formulation (2).


(1) Article written in Gujarati by Jehangir S Chiniwalla in “Parsi Avaz” dated 04/12/1960, page2.
(2) “First Four Day Zoroastrian Death Ceremonies” a book in Gujarati By Ustad Saheb Behramshah N Shroff, Page 77,  (printed 1916).

Courtesy : K.F.Keravala


  • Hampton Hairfield

    Can you furnish me some other incense recipes?

  • i am trying to make bakhoor, can you help me to make it possible by giving me the formulation , it will be greatful

  • i m a bukhoor chemist.if any one of u want to make bukhoor can take help from me.

    • hi, i want to make bakhoor can you help me? it will be great for me

    • I would like to learn how to make bakhoor at home. Could you please give me some tips on the formulations of the ingredients. Thank you.

    • Assalam’Dear Ahmed,

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      We shall be greatful for giving us complete details with quantity of each ingredients for macking high quality of Bakhoor.

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      Kazi saeed

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      I am passionate about frangrances specially the Arabic, would you please share some bukhoor receipe with me.
      My son’s birthday is comming up and want to create some great frangrance for the young man.


    • i am new at this but i really want to learn how to make it i am having some problems getting my supplies, ie sandlwood and saw dust of sandlwood, aloewood any help will be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance. dot

    • salams.
      iam interested in making bakhoor at home.can u please help me with the formula and let me know where can i get the ingredients.iam from India.thanks in advance.

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    • Kazi Saeed Moosa

      Assalamu Alaikum,

      We shall be gratefull if you kindly explain how to make good quality of Bakhoor.In details pls.explain the quantity of each ingredients to mix.If you ask for any resonable charges we will pay it.or our Duas with you for best success in Duniya and AAkheerat.
      Jazakallah Khair

    • salam i m faiyaz i want to make bakhoor can you help me? it will be great ful my famly with me i cant bay if i make at home ma b.thanks.

    • Assallamu Aleikum,

      Am interessted to learn. Please email me. Thanks

    • hello , nice to know taht u know to make bakhoor , can u plzz taech me the same

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  • the comment of sukarwar behramroj was excellent and good to read regarding our parsees we pray to god that our population becomes more.

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  • Salaams Ahmed

    I have just picked up on this conversation you had a few months ago on Bakhoor.

    I am a Cosmetic chemist and perfumer myself and have worked fro various fragrances house in Europe. I am very interested in making contact with you or anyone else that may be of help in introducing me to the art of Bakhoor.

    Jazakullah Kahire



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  • I would like 2 learn how 2 make BAKHOOR at home
    Pls give me some tipe.

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