Marathon Ceremony of Naam-E-Khaaver


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 In Tamaam Khordeh Avesta, one finds the prayer of Naam-e-Khaaver. In teachings of Paak Magav Sahebs of Demaavand Koh – Iran , the significance of this marathon ceremony was revealed through Behesti Minocher Nosherwan Pundol Saheb, who was fortunate to have come in direct and close contact with these holy sages.


When years have rolled past, as pre-ordained by AHURAMAZDA, the ‘Khoreh’ ie Aura of Maazdayasni Zerthosti Din on planet earth, dims to an extent. In replenishment of the same, the marathon ceremony of Naam-e-Khaaver is performed in Iran only when Zerthosti Shehenshahat reigns supreme.

 AURA OF DAADAAR AHURAMAZDA in process of descendance on earth passes through ‘Ahunavante Rooaa’ existing at one end of Chinvat, towards Hasti – eternal world. (The other end of Chinvat, towards Nisti is our mortal world. It contains Abbe Rooaa – the Aura of Vakshoor-e-Vakshoor an Asho Zarthushtra Spitmaan Saheb.) Talismanic effects of this ceremony result into the glow of Khoreh to its supreme extent. Normally once in an approximate period of 1800 years, this ceremony takes place during domain of existing Raaenidaar Saheb.

Some 3000 years ago this ceremony was performed under guidance of Dastoor Aaderbad Marespand Saheb, the 99th Raaenidaar as stated in the teachings of the Paak Saheb.

In commencement of ceremony, Zerthosti army from a far distance, cordons the place preventing anybody’s entry within the fortified area. The participating Magav Saheb appointed by Saroshavarez (head of 72 Magav Sahebs) commences the ceremony. An astounding Afargaanya, whose height tantamounting to some 72 hands, filled with pure sandalwood logs, is placed in the centre of the colossal maidan. 101 Dastoors sit in each of the four directions thus numbering 404. In remaining four corners sit 36 Dastoors in each corner (36 x 4 = 144). 404 + 144 = 548. Total of 548 in a single digit comes to 8. Whereas the figure of 9 reigns supreme in Maazdayasni Zerthosti Din. Participation of one Magav Saheb added to 548 Dastoors completes the figure of 9.

 As the ceremony progresses, on the 9th day, all the Dastoors, (owning Minostigar Isam i.e. well versed with knowing Avestaa meanings, and possessing Rawaan of 5th Aasmaan, whose caretaker is Behram Yazad) elevate themselves above the earth, i.e. their feet do not touch the ground.

 On the 18th day, the fire of Aader-e-Mino Karko, from Chinvat above, descends in the Afarganya igniting the sandalwood and converting the sandalwood logs into blazing glow of fire. The Magav Saheb, whose original physique is fiery, leaves his body, and positions Himself amidst fire in the Afargaanya. For a constant period of 41 days, this ceremony continues and the 548 Dastoors remain aloof from earth without hunger or thirst. On the 36th day, AURA OF AHURAMAZDA descends on earth. The Maanthravani (prayers) recited by the Magav Saheb in the ceremony bear such profundity, that even the 548 Dastoors of such elevated Rawaan cannot digest and hence remain at a distance from the venue of the Afarganya.

 On completion of the ceremony, Kaikhooshroo Padshah who dwells at Markez-e-Khaab, along with Magav Sahebs is invited to take charge of this Fire, which is ultimately merged with the Fire of Aader-e-Boorzinmehe r originally brought on earth by Vakshoor-e-Vakshoor aan Asho Zarthrushtra Saheb during his (16th) last visit on earth. This Fire of Aader-e-Boorzinmehe r is cold and spreads in the valley of Demaavand , in which vegetation also grows.

 This ceremony’s overall effect on earth inspires every Zerthosti to adhere strictly to customs rituals tenets and traditions of our lofty religion and remain unflinchingly committed without leaning towards alien beliefs till the last breath of life.

 May an early advent of 100th Raaenidaar, Shah-Ra-Shah, Shah Behram Varzaavand Saheb usher in near future to bring an end to chaos confusion and goodwill brotherhood prevail upon mother earth.


Courtesy : Daraius P.Batliwala

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