The 6 Setayeshes Of Raenidar Adarbad Marespand

By : Hutokhsh

DINI AVAZ (Vol. 4; No. 3/4/5/6), (Vol. 5; No. 1/2/3/4)

Introduction : The word “Setayesh” comes from the Pahlavi/Persian “Satudan” = to praise. And this “Satud”, in its turn, comes from the Avesta, “Stot” = vibrationary colours. When one recites the Avesta, one attunes oneself to the host of Cosmic Forces and Divine Energies through “Stot”. This thought of attunement in Pazend is known as “Setayem”. Therefore, a “Setayesh” is that form of prayer, which possesses very powerful thought – forces pertaining to the Avesta “Stot”. Simply put, the “Manthra” that one recites in Avesta has its corresponding “Mithra” – potent thought – power in Pazend.

Click here to read entire article .. The Six Setayeshes


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