“TARIKAT” Means Life Procedure Code



The word “Tarikat” is a most misused and misunderstood word. Many Parsis think that Tarikats are just “external” rites, rituals or ceremonies and not an important part of genuine “Zoroastrianism” ; if your mind is “good”, you don’t need them.

But the million dollar question is : Is the human mind GOOD? Does it satisfy the criteria of ‘good’ laid down in all Religions, and for we, the Parsis, in Patet Pasheymani? All our experience of humanity is entirely contrary. Human mind is inclined more towards evil than good. It has both the elements good and evil, and the aim of all life and all creation is to alchemise all evil to good and merge it in the already existing good. The evil in us expresses itself through the faults of flesh and the five senses. Our minds have internal enemies within it. Gatha and Gita, Quran and Bible, Dhammapad and Granth-Saheb, all want us to fight them, resist them, and alchemise them. They are very powerful attackers, not easy to resist. In “Kemna Mazda” Kushti Prayer we seek Mazda’s protection against their onslaught. Our mind is swept away by their downstream currents, and we need intense strength and internal energy to swim upstream against them.

The Tarikats are meant and intended to generate the energy to fight and alchemise the evil within us.

Click here to read the entire article from the Parsi Pukar Apr.-May.-Jun. 2005 – Vol. 10; No. 4


Courtesy : Firdosh K Sukhia

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