Sorabjee – The Parsi in LA

Attached is a short article on Eduljee Sorabjee, who settled in Los Angeles in 1885 and lived there until his death in 1913.  Sorabji moved to Los Angeles on the advice of his doctor and also since he had “a liking for liberty and equality and a republican form of government.”  According to the article, he was the “god-son” of Sir Dinshaw Manockjee Petit, one of the great cotton mill magnates of late 19th century Bombay. 

The article comes from the Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California, 1914, available in full
view on GoogleBooks.  If you haven’t already used GoogleBooks, definitely do so — it is a fantastic tool for finding information on Parsis, or just about anything else, from books which are no longer in copyright (before 1920s)!

Click here to read the article …. Barrows, H.D. – Sorabjee the Parsee_(of Los Angeles)

Courtesy : Dinyar Patel, Boston, Massachussetts.

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