Ceremony on the 6th day (CHHATTHI) after the baby is born.

Ceremony on the 6th day (CHATHI)  after the baby is born.

On the 6th day Light a Divo in the evening at around Dusk time (late evening).

What you need to keep ready:

Ful ses with khoomchi, soparo, pigani, kankoo dani, floweres, glass for batti, Karek, sopari, badam,  sakar, rice grain.

Plain Sheet of white paper, and new Red Pen (keep the pen open do not put on the cap)

Preferably Red Dress, panty/Baba Suit.


If  Baby Girl preferably small red 3-5, bangles to be kept on the Sopara

Loban  or  agarbatti would do

What to do:

In the evening take a head bath. Clean the place, put chowk (optional if you are abroad)

In big Plate/Khoomchi put the Red clothes for the child, you may put any  jewelry if you like chain, pendent, Gold/Siver coin etc.  On the top of the Sopara put Bangles if girl (it is a sign of good luck for the girl child)

On the Sheet write with a red pen (not the new one) ‘Chaathimai mara dikara/dikri ………(write name of the parents) bachaa na sara lekh/nasib lakhi jasoji  you may write what you wish for the child eg. Long, happy, successful life with good health etc… Take ovarna with rice

Place the White plain sheet next to it and light the Divo, Agarbatti.  Leave the paper and open pen on  the sheet overnight.

Say a small prayer wishing the parents and child well.

Let everything be there, once the Divo extinguishes you may pick up everything and put away the clothes to be worn by the baby after the 40th day Nahan and going to Agiary.

Courtesy : Thrity Tantra


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