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What is Ashoi – Dill, Demaag, Zaban its interconnectivityand unity required

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The under mentioned article can be found in Nikhiz Volume 2 Page No 530 written by Dr. Faramroze Sohrabji Chiniwalla which was reprinted in Dini Avaz Vol 6/4 April May June 2001. Please see the scanned pdf attachement, which i have translated the same in english below. Also refer to the Chart of 16 Chakras in excel format which will help you better in understanding the Zoroastrian Yoga – Science of 16 Chakras.

The very first step of Ashoi of an Ashwan is a very important tarikaat and has to be fully understood here. Although it looks simple here but is very difficult to put it in practice here.  Dill, Demaag and Zaban should work in unision.That is, whatever is in our heart (Dill), should be in our mind (Demaag) and whatever is in our mind should come out through our speech (Zaban). If we do otherwise than hypocrisy arises for what is in our heart something else will be in our mind and we say absolutely opposite of what is in our heart and mind. If Dill, Demaag, Zaban are not in unision than tarikaats followed fails to give its promised results, and Tarikaat merely becomes a show or Akrikaat. The science of our Sudreh Kusti is based on this science of 16 Chakras only and wearing sleevless sudreh with tiri or Girdo or Gireban missing is only Akrikaat and nothing else.

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