Misc. Vacancies in Management Institute

Dear Friends,

I have recently taken over as Director of the Lexicon Institute of Management Education in Pune, and would really value your assistance in locating reliable, honest, innovative people for the following positions for the MBA and proposed PGDM programs:

i. Assistant Director: We are looking for someone with at least a Master’s Degree, preferably an MBA or a management-related field. This person will be responsible to oversee the functioning of the program when the Director is away, supervise the staff and faculty and liaison with the Director on a daily basis. When the Director is here, they will continue to help in the administration and supervision of faculty and staff of the Institute. The Assistant Director will report to the Director. This individual needs to be an organized, reliable and mature individual, who cares about the development of students, can lead a diverse team, and work in a flexible “start-up” environment and help in the process of establishing efficient systems. Excellent communication and collaboration skills a must.

ii. Faculty in Marketing, HR and Finance: We are looking for Heads of Departments in all these areas, as well as regular faculty. Corporate experience a must. Experience in teaching a plus. We are looking for creative-minded faculty with academic excellence, as well as ability to bring in innovative teaching methods and relevant corporate experiences. The atmosphere will be one of collaborative team-work in building a program that meets the needs of the national and global marketplace.

iii. Executive Secretary: We are looking for a highly efficient and organized person, with excellent communication and computer skills and ability to converse with diverse people. Flexibility to work and communicate with people globally.

iv. Front Desk Receptionist: We are looking for a pleasant individual with excellent communication skills, computer skills
and the ability to represent the Institute well and communicate effectively with diverse people, with a special concern and responsiveness for students and their needs.

v. Communication and Language Teacher: We are looking for a professional teacher in the area of spoken English fluency, presentation skills, appropriate articulation and business conversation.

Please send your resumes and cover letters to: Dr. Zareen Karani Araoz <zareen@managingcultures.com> Positions are open with immediate effect. All the positions require excellent English language skills

Thank you very much. Known referrals will be welcome.

Kind regards,


Dr. Zareen Karani Araoz
Director, Lexicon Institute of Management Education
Mobile: +91-98905-88220
Web: http://bschools.lexicon.edu.in

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