Importance of Fire

Noshir Dadrawala’s brief explanation of the Importance of Fire in our Religion – speech given on the occasion of the Salgareh of Patel Agiyari in Andheri, on April 24, 2010 (Adar Mahino, Adar Roj).

Click Here for the Audio File – Please be patient, it may take time to load


  • Noshir H. Dadrawala

    Thanks Yezdi for making it possible for this message to spread widely. If your readers have further queries or comments they are welcome to write to me.

  • Kashmira soonawalla

    i really gotta learn a lot from ur speech.. m so glad to know that you do so much for our community… i hope all of us do our best to retain this beautiful religion… congrats…

  • .

    My Dear Noshir:

    Thank you for sharing the gift of your inner fire to enlightened us with the importance of fire.

    Keep this fire going strong with love and light

    Meher Amalsad
    Westminster, California, USA


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