North American Zarathushti Congress

North American Zarathushti Congress
Houston, Texas,   December 2010
Attached is the May Newsletter of the NAZC 2010 to be held in Houston from December 29 to December 31.


The three-day events will showcase our theme, preserve the past, protect the present, and perfect the future.  Other Program items will include sessions on our social and cultural heritage, religious development and history.  In addition, we will discuss issues of interest to our youth, women, and families. The Program and Entertainment Committees are at work to ensure participants will have a rich and rewarding experience, long after the events are over. Come and listen to our dynamic speakers during the day and witness the entertainment extravaganza in the evenings.  
And, Congress attendees will experience a number of firsts.
1.  First time – Children age 5-12 will have structured activities, allowing young families to participate in the Congress. Structured activities include stories from the Shahnameh (with projects, games etc), “Worldwide web” of trade along the Silk Road – a multi-age session
discovering cross-cultural concepts through (historically accurate) stories, drama, pictorial presentations and crafts from Persia, China, India, Rome, Indonesia, Mongolia, ending in Zarathushti Connection – an interdisciplinary session discovering Zoroastrian concepts through a
hands-on experience based on ZAH Sunday School format.  Children will be creating their own material to take home.
2.  First time – Youth track planned by Youth committee chairs Zeeba Kayani, Justin Mody and Kashmira Behramsha
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Courtesy : Behram Pastakia

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