No sound sleep, its Remedy

No sound sleep its remedy – “Dini Avaz 101 Question Answers”

 Q)Many Zoroastrians, young and old, these days complain of not getting adequate sleep or getting disturbed sleep.

Is there any way, from the religious angle, by which this can be remedied?

A) Outside of medical and psychiatric help, there is a wonderful care for the problem mentioned by you.

First of all, you must ensure that the bed or couch is kept clean and neat. One’s head should always be either towards

the south or the east. Try and keep a small metallic container (preferably copper or in the last resort, german

silver) with fresh Gao-mez (Taro) behind the head of the person suffering from disturbed sleep.

During sleep, the Ushtan or life force does not flow freely.

Only about half of it is received by the body. Therefore, the attack on the force of darkness (Gashik) on the Khoreh is


In the unseen worlds, there are 3 yazads who direct the Ushtan – Meher, Sarosh & Rashnu. Therefore, a

specific Nirang, which induces sleep, invokes these three Divine Entities. If one recites this Nirang (given below), the

Gashik is kept within limits.

Again, during sleep, the astral body (Kehrp) is in a slightly detached state vis-a-vis the physical body, because of

which, the lower sprites can create disturbances and disorders. The recitation of this Nirang is a sure-fire remedy

to keep these spirits at bay and avoid bad dreams and nightmares.

Of course, preceding this Nirang, to be recited just before falling asleep, every Zoroastrian is supposed to recite the

Sarosh Yasht (Vadi), which among other things regulates one’s Mithra (thought-force) in that subconscious state.

Therefore, one should perform the Kushti near the bed, and then recite the Nirang.In this Pazend Nirang, there are two Avesta words, Ahurem Mazdanm, which is a name (Esm), whose special effect of the jupiterian Atar-e-Froba, helps one in sleep, through Sarosh Yazad. (No Baj is to be taken or left for this Nirang).

 “Naam-I-Yazad, Naam-I-Ahuramazd Khuda Avazuni Yaz-I Yaar,

Yaz-I-Gushdaar Kasney Paityaar Meher Srosh Yaar

Srosh Gushdaar Kasney Paityaar AHUREM MAZDANM

Ahuramazd va Ameshaspandaan Va Meher Srosh Rashne,

Naam-i- Yazad Naam-i-ahuramazd Khuda Avazuni, Ashem Vohu (1). [1]


[1] Answer given by Mr. Adi Doctor, from “Dini Avaz 101 Question Answers” pg.103,104.

 Courtesy : K.F.Keravala


  • Cyrus S. Saiwalla

    Thanks Adi, it is a nice and short cut remedy, but a Zoroastrian who prays Sarosh Baj, Avishuthrum Gey, Sarosh Yest Vadi & Atarsh Niyash get the perfect sound sleep during the night time. It is also mandatory in our religion.

    • Dr. Nargis Chinoy

      praying before going to bed is a proven fact.n u also get sound sleep. Saying SAROSH YAAZAD PANAH BAD also gives a lot of protection from the material and spiritual world.

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