Bahman – Bestows Divine Wisdom

Bahman – Bestows Divine Wisdom

By Noshir H. Dadrawala

In the Zoroastrian calendar, the second day of every month as well as the eleventh month of every year is dedicated to Bahman Amshaspand.

Bahman is the Persian form of the Pahlavi word Wahman and the original Avestan – Vohu Manah, a term which most scholars translate as the ‘Good Mind’, though there are more esoteric interpretations as well.

In the pantheon of Zoroastrian Divinities, Bahman Amshaspand ranks next to Ahura Mazda Himself. Bahman is an Amshaspand or Amesha Spenta (variously translated as Bountiful Immortal or Arch Angel) who is the guardian of Ahura Mazda’s Good Creation of Animals – particularly Goshpands like cow, goat, sheep etc. It is for this reason that devout Parsis abstain from eating meat throughout the entire month of Bahman. Even those who do not observe fasting from meat for the whole month try to avoid eating meat on Bahman Roj of Bahman Mah and the days dedicated to Bahman’s Hamkara (co-workers) – Mohor, Gosh and Ram.

Click Here for the full article which appeared in Jame Jamshed dt.20 June 2010


  • Dear Mr Noshir Dadrawala

    Your articles are always very learned and very informative

    enjoy reading them

    best regards

    Sir Mehernosh Shroff

  • Yazdi Readymoney

    Dear Mr. Noshir H. Dadrawala

    Your article on Bahman – Bestows Divine Wisdom is well written, explaining in a very simple language. We Parsis supposed to be the most religious people among all communities have very little knowledge on our own religion, or after knowing also very few people opt to follow the path of as they feel that life is one and it is to be enjoyed. I also agree that vegetarian diet is considered good for spiritual development and I know many parsis are totally vegetarian throughout the year. Please keep on posting such articles as many will be benefited with it. God bless you with more wisdom.

    Regards to you and your family.

    Yazdi Readymoney

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