• Nauzer Rustom Batliwalla

    We too were living in Jhansi from the early 50’s till 1968 till he was transferred to Secunderabad. My Dad was working for the Railways too and were first residing at the Boyce Compound. My mother Aban gave birth to her daughter Farida and me at the American Hospital; and another son Vispi at the German Hospital near Singal pura. From the boyce compound we shifted to Garya Phatak; then to Singal pura and finally at Bharucha compound ( Lal Bungalow) behind Central Hotel. My sisters Irene, Bakhtawar and Farida passed out from St. Francis Convent and Suryaprasad college; I and my brother from Christ the King High School. We had a great comunal feeling in Jhansi especially during the Papeti and Navroz times. My childhood freinds were Farokh Ankleseria, Farshogar Ankleseria, Darius Driver, Percy Gheewala, Percy Engineer, Gev and Pervez Ogra. My love and respect to Dhanji Uncle (I would love to meet him some day) my Dad’s closest freind. My entire family have fond memories of their Jhansi days. I have now settled down in Pune. Contact nos are 9373302984;email ID – nauzer7@gmail.com.

    • Wg Cdr Ashish Dubey

      dhunji kaka stays hardly 20 yards away from my house in jhansi …n i m his all time big fan ….

      • Respected Wg Cdr Ashish Dubey
        Sir I just want to know that where did you have your schooling in Jhansi. Actually I studied in St Marks and our Principal was Mr T E Allan with the other staff members -Mr Beecham,Miss Murtle O Conor Mr Francis,Miss Pirozeshaw,Miss Annu Pestonji,Mr H S Lall,the Thacores Mrs Fernandes,Miss Kacy Mr Phillip,Mrs Young

      • Wg Cdr Ashish Dubey

        Dear hemant …my schooling was starting from KV no1 to CKC n then GIC …and i completed my graduation from BKD …beginig from year 1981 …from class 5th ….which year did u pass ur 12th … i have a friend named robin shrivastav who also did his schooling from st marks ….

      • Dear Sir (Wg Cdr A Dubey) -I actually joined the school in 1962, completed my High School in 1973 from St Marks , Intermediate from Bipin BIhari ,Bsc Part I from Bipin Bihari Degree College in 1976 and then joined for Medicine .Iam Dr Anoop Loiyas -Eye Surgeon and Mr Neeraj Atri s batch ,Mr Shambhu Rai Manik chowk was with me in St Marks .I am elated having received your comment .

  • Burjor Bharucha

    I hail from Jhansi having being born and brought up to the age of 23yrs after which I shifted to Bombay in the year 1958 for further studies. My father and grandfather were both born and lived their full healthy lives in Jhansi. They took a loan from the Railways of approx Rs.28,000 and built one of the stronges and bigges bungalow of a big verandah and eleven big size rooms with a surrounding land of approx 2,000 sq. feet. Apart from the Bungalow which was well known in Jhansi as the Red Parsi ka Bungla they also built two large size houses each of 4 big rooms a kitchen and a courtyard. We were in all 7 children two sons and 5 daughters.
    During the 50s there was a parsi population of approx 500 zoroastrians which today has been reduced to approx 8, all aged above 60 years. Most of the parsis served in the Railways but were very contended and happy living a very comfortable and peaceful life as one big family. Festivals and marriage / navjote function were also very enjoyable.

    Its really sad that such a great community has come to such a state.

    • Hi Burjor,

      What a coincidence going through your mail and reading about your Jhansi memories. How are Fardoon, Dolly, Silloo, Nauroze, Jahabaux ( not sure)? Your father was gracious enough to give us a place to stay at ‘Lal Bungla’ the house that your Dad built. Every nook and corner of the house is etched deeply in my mind.The address was 691 Lyall Road, next to Thomson compound, behind Central Hotel, Sipri, Jhansi. I also remember Dosu Uncle (Pehelvan) and his range of bikes littering our compund. From each of these bikes we would remove whatever gas we could and then roll it down the slope outside our bungalow. I remember teasing Ms Arnold (with her solar hat) of St Francis Convent riding by our house to school and back. The huge water well, bhisti, tamarind trees, neem trees, plum trees all remind me of the great time i enjoyed in Jhansi. I still remember your Dad sharpening shaving razor on a solid leather strap; and the huge swing (jhulla) on which most of the Mohola ladies would sit and chat the evening away.

      Do get to me with more info about the Bharuchas.

      Bucktu and me have settled down in Pune; Vispi and Irene in Secunderabad; and Farida in Mumbai.

      Love to All

  • Wg Cdr Ashish Dubey

    what a coincidence …i know both of u …though not a parsi but a great admirer of the community n certainly having seen n known all of u through my fathers heart ….Col Raj Kishore Dubey ….

  • Just by chance I happen to open this site and was happy to the extent which is just not expression able that there are people who have such wonderful memories of Jhansi. I proudly declare that I also hail from Jhansi. Grandson of Late Hormusjee Sorabjee Kolah and son of Late Dali Hormusjee Kolah had been residing in the heart of the city i.e. Sipri Bazar. It just brings tears to remember the fond memories of good times I and my family had. Although I am now settled in Kanpur but do make it a point to visit Jhansi, if not once in a year as most of my family members/elders are lying in peace at the Aramgah. Needless to mention we all the Parsis of Jhansi are deeply indebted to Dhanju Kaka and is service to the community. Though there are endless menories which I don’t find it possible to write down but with hardly ten to twelve members left in the city which previously had a crowd of more than 350 I feel very depressed. Nevertheless life has to go on. I sincerely agree with the views of Wg Cdr Ashish Dubey’s views that his father Col Raj Kishore Dubey was a ardent fan/friend and more to say a member of the community who loved us lot. ashish u must be having fond memories of the teachings of Late Adibaba, Dina Aunty, Behram Kaka etc.

    • Wg Cdr Ashish Dubey

      ya u are absolutely right brother …i can never be out of the memories which are frozen in my heart ..The love n affection rendered by them have always made me feel like a part of the community . i have childhood friends for more then 40 years . decades have passed and relationships are getting better n better …

    • Hello
      By any chance your Grandfather Hormusjee Kolah had a brother by name of Jamshedji Kolah??

  • It was fantastic when I came across Mr Baji Kola s comment -my senior at St Marks Jhansi where my father Mr H S Lall taught.If Iam not mistaken you were residing in Sipri. The city of Jhansi had a great number of Parsis and the Anglo indians in our time.It had a different get up in those days .The dwindling population of the Parsis in Jhansi is worrisome .It makes me nostalgic when I think of the nice people with whom I had good contacts.

    • Wg Cdr Ashish Dubey

      Sir its really wonderful to communicate with you. Mr neeraj atri who is a well known chartered accountant and to an extent mentor of my career happens to be my neighbor. Sorry as i couldn’t establish your seniority initially . Its really great to be in contact with you. .

    • My name is Rajveer Singh, I lived in the Railway colony. Mr. HS Lal taught me. I do remember the tow sons of Mr. HS Lal. I graduated in 1971.

      • O yes Mr Rajbeer with respect I am glad to address you as you were my senior ,and if I am not mistaken you were Mervin Franklin s classmate ,and sad to know , of his demise . Jhansi in those days had a very stylish life style,which is now non existing .I remember we were allowed to converse only in English and definitely my achievements are a result of the people there who were excellent intelligent and innovative then .My parents have been with me who miss Jhansi a lot .
        Accept my best wishes and regards
        Dr Hemant Prof and Head Pediatrics
        Govt Medical college Bilaspur

      • Hi Hemant I am Jude Franklin son of Mervin Franklin

  • anne finch malagar

    Though i’m not a parsi i have very fond memories of the parsi community in jhansi. We lived there from 1965-1968 when my dad was posted in the rly police & i went to st.francis convent we lived round the senior institute square and had some very good parsi friends. Will give more information after i hear from u as i am not sure wether this mail will reach u or not

    • Respected Madam
      So happy to see your comment .I was actually taught Anatomy by Dr O T Finch your brother during my Medical course ,and I was his great admirer .I am Mr H S Lall s son .Cant forget those great and the best times of my life at Jhansi . Persons getting selected for Medicine in those days outside Jhansi were Dr OT Finch ,Dr Vivian Farrel ,Dr Saroj Daniel me and my brother Dr Harshit Kumar. I would love to know more about Dr Finch who taught me Anatomy.I have two daughters ,eldest got married to an Engineer and are in London ,the second got married to the son of an IPS Officer ,Chairman of the Public Service Commission settled in Delhi. I have always admired the Parsis of Jhansi ,In fact they contributed a lot in the development then .Very vivdly I remember their stylish lifestyle and their hard work . I was taught by Mrs Unclesaria ,Miss Kacy ,Miss Annu Pestonji .With best wishes Dr Hemant Kumar

  • Hello to all. iam Navroz Rustam iam sure no one of you must be knowing me as i wasnt even born when you all had left Jhansi. but im sure you all would be knowng my dad,my frandfather, as im related to dosu dada.my dad Mr. Rohinton Rustam is also known as pehelvan. iam so glad to read abt all memories and love for jhansi.now i miss the days that i seen in jhansi my friends my house. but i stil go to jhansi every year my mom and dad are stil there. my brother homi had passed out from C.K.C(christ the king college) and nw days he is in rajasthan serving jindhal steel as a manager. my sister arnawaz married in mumbai. and i passed out from cathedral college its the branch of christ the king college and nw days im in pune.

    Love all
    Navroz Rustam

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