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Iranian director Bahram Beizaii to present “Ardaviraf’s Report”

Iranian director Bahram Beizaii to present “Ardaviraf’s Report” at Stanford University

Source: Tehran Times

Prominent Iranian playwright and director Bahram Beyzaie will stage reading performances of his latest play “Ardaviraf’s Report” at Stanford University on January 24 and 25.

Playwright and director Bahram Beyzaie

The play is Beyzaie’s theatrical rendition of an ancient Zoroastrian text that chronicles the journey of pious Ardaviraf to the other world where he travels through paradise, purgatory and the inferno. Ardaviraf meets many of the mythic and historic figures of Iran on his journey

The play is based on “The Book of Arda Viraf”, a Zoroastrian religious text from the Sassanid era in the Middle Persian language. It is considered an early precursor to Dante’s “Divine Comedy”.

“Ardaviraf’s Report” will be performed at the Cubberley Auditorium of the university in the Persian language.

Ardaviraf’s Report; by Bahram Beyzaie

The Hamid and Christina Moghadam Program in Iranian Studies
The Bita Daryabari Endowment in Persian Letters and
The Amin Banani Memorial Fund present:

Ardaviraf is Bahram Beyzaie’s theatrical rendition of an ancient Zoroastrian text that chronicles the journey of Ardaviraf to the other world where he travels through paradise, purgatory and inferno. Considered an early precursor to Dante’s divine comedy, Ardaviraf meets many of the mythic and historic figures of Iran in his journey.

The play will be in Persian.

Saturday Jan 24 2015 at 4:30pm;
Sunday Jan 25 2015 at 4:30pm
buy tickets online

Beyzaie previously performed a shadow play performance of “Jana and Baladoor” at the university in June 2012.

“When We Are All Sleeping” was the last film Beyzaie directed in Iran in 2006. A few years after, he left the country to pursue an educational career at Stanford University as a visiting professor of Persian studies in the United States of America.

Considered as one of the most intellectual auteurs in Iranian cinema, Beyzaie has written and directed several films including “Killing Mad Dogs”, “Travelers”, “Bashu, the Little Stranger”, “The Journey” and “The Downpour”.

Reference :... Payvand News – 11/28/14 … —

Courtesy : K F Keravala

Food Stories: Dhansak

Updated Dec 23, 2014 06:25pm

My editor handed me Ardeshir Cowasjee’s phone number asking me to coordinate with him on the article. I smiled inside. I liked Ardeshir, he was cynical and buckets of fun to hang around with. I of course knew him well, thanks to the long corridors at the Dawn group’s building, where one could bump into almost anyone.

I arrived at his beautiful Bath Island bungalow. There he was, eating the delicious ‘dhansak’. It looked almost like haleem or dal gosht, but tasted a little different; the depth of the dish with a base of lentils and vegetables gave it a unique, distinct flavour, and served on a bed of caramelised brown rice the dish was a whole new taste of delicious. That was the first time I ate dhansak.


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Courtesy : Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman of Secunderabad and Hyderabad

FEZANA Bulletin – Aug. 2014

 Dear All
Navroze & Khordad Sal Mubarak to you and your dear ones.
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Best Wishes

Katayun Kapadia

FEZANA – President

All India Zoroastrian Colonies

Dear All,

A new group created Called “All India Zoroastrian Colonies” “All India Zoroastrian Colonies” is a New Group created where any member from any Zoroastrian colony can post updates of Upcoming Sports Events /Tournaments, Competitions, Social Gatherings i.e. Fun-n-Fair, Housi, Parties etc . Also you are free to advertise home made products for sale.  460 Members Joined in just One Day.

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FEZANA Bulletin Aug. 2013

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Mazra Kalantar (Yazd,Iran)

This site is opened with the intention of helping to bring closer together Zoroastrians, particularly those of Mazra-e Kalantar origin.  Our history has been full of hardships and storms and through these hardships we have learned to keep united.  The inhabitants of Mazra-e Kalantar have gradually scattered and settled in different parts of the world, and rarely find the chance to be in touch with other inhabitants and keep abreast with news from this village. We hope that this site will make it easier to be informed of each other and to update news from our village.  Though it is just a start, we are sure that with the help of each other we will make our site more efficient.  Special thanks to Fariborz Jamshid Jamshidi, who was the initiator of this thought and to Ardeshir Farokh Jamshidi for taking the first steps to open this site.  May our love and faith for our motherland and rich culture be strengthened and last forever.


Courtesy : K F Keravala

Udvada: The Land Controversy

It’s a change of different sort, a not-so-nice one, where one of the world’s most ancient religions finds its nook of worship threatened. Parsi-Irani Zoroastrians in India and around the world have been a worried lot after 200 acres of lush agricultural land in the backyard of Udvada’s sacred fire temple were handed over to a private developer to set up industry. Shailesh Bhatia and photographer Ashish Rane visit the coastal hamlet in Gujarat to see a 1,250 year-old fire that’s survived Muslim invasion, seastorms and political turmoil, now wrestle with industrialisation

It’s not any old fire. It’s not even any old sacred fire. With a complex constitution that involves the blend of over 16 types of flames sourced from a potter’s kiln, a goldsmith’s furnace, a burning pyre, even lightening itself, the Pak Iranshah fire has been burning continuously, day and night, for over 1,250 years.

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Courtesy : Behram P Dhabhar

Boonak Pasbani and DeenChasidari

The need of the Hour for Parsi Community Boonak Pasbani and DeenChasidari

By Late Jehangirji Sohrabji Chiniwala (originally written in Gujarati)

Dini Avaz January – February 1979 Volume 4 – No.1
Reprinted from Parsee Avaz dated 13th February, 1972

Asha means Divine Order which is the irrefutable Law existing in nature. Earth is not permanent residence of mankind. He only takes birth on this earth for his spiritual evolution and thereby to achieve salvation in the end. The span of his life on this earth is dependent on number of breath force in his destiny and he finally leaves this earth after his physical death. All religion of this world teaches that man has descended on this earth only for his spiritual evolution (Ruvan Bokhtagi) which is his final goal.  More… 

Courtesy : Firdosh Sukhia


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