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Welcome to the new website of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP). The new site aims to make it easier for the Zoroastrian community to be aware of the wide range of activities being carried our by the BPP. Various sections have been introduced to make communication open and easier.

Modules such as a Blood Bank, Matrimonial section and Careers are aimed to help the community and will be up very shortly. Finally, the site also acts as an “umbrella”  as it aims to be the central starting point for the various BPP websites that had been developed earlier.

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  • Dear Yazdi

    It is very Good to Find the New website of The Bombay Parsee Panchayat & I hope it will be a very Interactive web site and very result Oriented ,giving prompt results

    a very Humble suggestion : could you make the site multi lingual with various flags( click and Tranlate ) for various languages including Gujarati , Hindi , Marathi

    Trustees : We have the Best Trustees right now and a Great Deal will be done I am sure , Never before have we had such a Distinguished lot Headed by

    Mr Dinshaw Mehta ,( a very senior Dynamic Result oriented Chief Trusted by all )

    Mr.Jimmy Mistry ( a very Dynamic Leader ),

    Mrs. Arnavaz J Mistry ( a Great wonderful person , whom i admire )

    Mr. Noshir Dadrawala ( an Expert in Philanthropy )

    Mr Yezdi Desai

    Mr Khojeste Mistry : a Great Authority and Savant on Zorastian Religion

    Mrs Armaiti Tirandaz : Admire her wonderful work with Menally challenged children , she has gone personally from Home to Home , God Bless her , & Give her strength

    The Goal and Purpose for any Punchayat is to Look after the Weakest of the weak

    Right now I urge the Trustees Concentrate your funds & Effort on

    1) Opening Centers for Mentally Disabled ( Ladging + Boarding + work station ) let us use our collective inteligence to make these mentally diffrent People do some thing they ,like & very constructive

    Please also Immediately grant every mentally disabled child or adult 3000 rupees a month ( you are doing this for the Third child )

    2) Care of the Aged & Infirm : in Old age homes , sucession planning , financial planning , support with Medical care & Physical care

    3) Protection of The aged and Infirm + Monetary help + Supervision

    4) Opening of Education Schools , Universities , Hospitals , Clinics ,

    God Bless the Parsee Panchayat & all The wonderful Trustees & CEO + staff , May God Ahuramazda Give you Great Strength , Great Wisdom & a Wonderful feeling of Doing something wonderful appreciated by all of us


      With due respect to all….I am a divorcee…living at doongerwadi…Have been trying to get a path at finding a house….I live alone with my grandmother…and am very worried that as time passes….will be homeless….as my grandmother is already 89 years…Please help…..

  • Nariman Burjor Pavri

    This a very good beginning and was very much required since a long time. Further updates may please be informed.

  • Rajendra Kumar Surana

    Respected Sir, I am looking for one Mr.Viraf Fali Kanga,who was previously residing in GodrejBaug,Bombay and is now said to be living with a friend.He had floated Ahura Mazda Dairy Farm,in which people had invested millions of rupees.Chances of getting back the amounts is rare indeed. I shall be highly obliged to know his address and mobile no.Thanking You, R.K.Surana,Raipur.India

  • would like to get updates on BPP

  • Housing problem and marriages within our own community is the biggest problem residing in our community. Every Zoroastrian needs good housing facilities and parsi environment around them. And in youngsters every one needs their 1 life partner for their happy future married life. I hope everything goes fine in the community for the entire future generations. Yazdan panah baad. Amen!

  • Bpp can easily make a software of parsee residents in mumbai and let the community know their plans for upliftment. This software can cover housing, employment, medical care, education, third child, financial help given to poor etc. It can also give details of 5,000 flats (out of which 750 are in the court), future allotments, future constructions etc. It can also include when the whole list of pending allotments will become nil.

    • Lot of Corruption is there in Bombay Parsi Panchayat. Please give all details in your Parsi Newspaper Jame Jamshed and Parsi Times. What is the present status of pending housing applications ?? What is the latest house allotment scheme ?? I am starting my own private newspaper (not a community newspaper) where I would like to write about BPP. Any comments ??

  • Sir,

    I am from Nagpur and I have applied for my son Nekshad Irani’s Xth CBSE examination with all the relevant certificates. I am not aware if it has reached Mr. Panthaki (MR. C. S. PANTHAKI, (SR. EXECUTIVE (WELFARE), BOMBAY PARSI PUNCHAYET and would also like to know the status if his application has been accepted. Thanking you

    Mrs. Irani

  • Thank you for the letter received from you regarding the Dadabhai Naoroji Scholarship interview. Nekshad is a Speed Skater and has qualified for the DSO State Championship to be held in Pune. Hence the date clashes with his tournaments and would be unable to come for interview on the 17th December 2011. This scholarship would have meant a lot to us in terms of education but due to this prior commitment it seems impossible. Thank you for letting us know that he has been shortlisted.

    Jasmine Irani

  • i would like to get updates on 10th world zoroastrian congress . my mail address is thanks frm h.m.bulsara.

  • Hormuzdyr Tehmul Gabba

    Dear Sir,
    Good afternoon!!

    I would like to apply for a house under the BPP housing scheme at the newly built flats at Tata colony located at Tardeo.

    Please guide me for the same since I an unable to access the housing site.


    Hormuzdyr Tehmul Gabba

  • Viraf Pervez Dastur

    Hi, I stay at Vasai on Rent. I was wondering, what’s the process of applying for a house in BPP?

  • Respected sir/madam,

    I am wondering about this community then I found this website.I heard a lot of things about Parsi community. I want to involve with your community for social service. I sent you many messages last few years. But didn’t get any response. Please take a kind view at my request so that I can make my life meaningful.
    Thanking in advance.


    Kanhaiya Lal



  • M. F. Khambatta

    Respected Sir / Madam,

    I am 55 years of age, a graduate residing in small city of Gujarat. I am jobless. Can I get any job in any Parsi property as care taker or in any office as account assistant, cashier, office assistant etc. I am in urgent need of job as I have family consisting of wife, 2 son (studying) and a younger sister who is mentally challenged.

    I am ready to relocate anywhere in India.

    Please help me.

    M. F. Khambatta


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