Practicing Avesta Manthras for Urvaan’s Progression

by Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

Our religion is full of mystics and allegories unknown to the western world. Every Zarathustri, whether he is Harvard or Columbia graduate (Ph.D.), he/ she is no more than a student of our religion. With this idea in mind one should explore the mystic nature of HIS messages, with open mind and willingness to learn from others. There are many so-called Avesta scholars who depend on the Avesta grammar and dictionary to analyze a term or event in our prayer that has highly allegorical explanation, much beyond human capability to interpret with linguistic exercises. A difference between a western scholar and Priest can be explained with an allegory – a scholar tries to understand the ingredients of food whereas, a Priest knows how, when and why it has to be digested. Now tell me, who would you believe and follow?

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