Such a long Journey

While the controversy over Rohinton Mistry’s first novel, ‘Such a Long Journey’, continues to rage in literary, academic and political circles, very few have read, or know much about, the book itself. The Times of India presents a summary of the plot.


  • Sir Mehernosh Shroff

    Beautiful Book ..well written a classic .

    I find reading his book like a self examination a soul searching ..of how we parsees struggled

    My family lost every thing in the Post Independence Era lands …wealth , no longer could a rich parsee dream of being rich for ever ..fixed deposit rates and earning declined .. we Parsees lost an amazing amount of Land …

    Rohinton Mistry put Mumbai Parsi on the Global consciousness map

  • Mr. Mistry writes with feeling. Such a Long Journey was the first book I read, and was hooked. Then followed Tales from Pherozshaw baug, and finally read “A fine Balance”. As I approached the ending chapters, I could not put the book down; and when I finally finished the book I could not help but shed tears of sadness for the characters whose life balance was tipped.
    Always wishing you literary success!

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