How to light a correct ‘Divo’

Nearly all of us have, at some point in our lives, lit a Divo, either at home or on our visit to the Fire Temple. Many Parsis have a fascination for doing a Divo, either on a specific day or Roj, or at a particular place or Agiary. In our blind following of this important tradition, we often make serious mistakes which go against the basic laws of the Zarathushtrian faith.

It is necessary to say a few words about doing the Divo in the correct manner.

This article is in 3 parts and can be read by click the following links :

How to light a Divo – Part 1

How to light a Divo – Part 2

How to light a Divo – Part 3 

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Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram

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  • Thank you Ervard Marzban,
    Your article on How to light a divo is extremely enlightening. I wish all agiaries would follow the “only oil” concept which, regrettably, they don’t. Can some official rule be passed by our high priests authorising and compelling all agiaries to follow this prinicple?
    Many thanks once again,

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