Burzo Namoo Resurrected

After a gap of nearly fifty years, Burzo Namoo an ancient Iranian epic has been brought to life. A function to release Burzo Namoo was held on Friday, 28th January 2011 at Sethna Agiary hall, Tardeo when Ms Shernaaz Engineer, editor of Jame Jamshed was the Chief Guest and Ervad Aspandiar Dadachandji and Mr.Adi Doctor were the guests of honour.

Mr. Viraf Chiniwalla has in continuation of his ancestors’ legacy resurrected Burzo Namoo. Burzo Namoo is the epic story of the family of Rustom, the world renowned hero. It was written by two disciples of Firdaosi, Abu Taher and Atai. The first 11 pages of Burzo Namoo relate to Rustom Sohrab episode. Burzo was the son of Sohrab and the grandson of Rustom. Burzo was a warrior during the reign of Shah Kaikhushru.

Viraf Chiniwalla’s ancestors were in contact with Ustad Saheb Behramshah Naoroji Shroff at Surat. Jehangirji was the orator. Faramroze was the author and their brother Rustomji Chiniwalla after fifty years of labour translated Burzo Namoo into Gujarati. Besides Burzo Namoo, there are other books such as Bahman Namoo, Faramroze Namoo, Kersasp Namoo, Rustom Namoo, etc. Burzo Namoo is the story starting with Rustom-Sohrab episode about 10,000 years ago. Burzo had three sons. Their names are recited in our prayers by our priests but our community at large is ignorant about them. Burzo Namoo mentions about woollen and silk clothes, gems, jewellery, metals, wine making. Reading Burzo Namoo will enlighten the readers about major world wars fought between Iran and Turan.

Click Here for  the FULL report on release function of Burzo Namoo.
Marzban Giara

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