”Snehaanchal” helps cancer patients meet a peaceful end

A palliative care centre here for dying cancer patients, founded by a Parsi samaritan ensures peaceful end to these terminal sufferers, who are admitted there ahead of their final journey.

”Snehaanchal” is a shelter for the terminally ill cancer patients run in co-operation with the Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Maharaj Cancer Hospital, a regional centre of the state Government. A cancer patient who is admitted here has not more than six weeks to three months to breathe his last.

Jimmy Rana, a partner in Ice-Cream factory and Milk products here came across some cancer patients who were suffering from pain and mental trauma, waiting for death. A desire to do some social work in the field of medicine and health care, Rana first visited ”Karunaashraya” in Bangalore in 2003 and started thinking on the lines of setting up a similar centre here.

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Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney

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  • Mr. Jimmy Rana is the true and highest model of humanity,and whatever concerns humanity is of interest to him. ‘Snehanchal’ is a true proof of his inherent nobleness and sympathy.If it were not so no society could hold together these ailing souls and give them a dignified last life which this humble man has tried to provide. ‘SNEHANCHAL’ is an avenue to glory,given by Jimmy Rana, to attain the highest perfection in humanity. This great ,gracious ,tender and compassionate heart only could carry forth this job. Jimmy is an inseparable combination of Moderation and Wisdom;and it is herein that all the philosophies, both human and divine meet.

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