Suva – for the new mother

Method to make SUVA to be had after delivery of a baby.

Suva 500 gms.
Variali (saunf) 100 gms.
Khuskhus (poppy seeds) 100 gms.
Thin  Powa   (flat rice) 50 gms.
Sukka  Kopra (dry coconut)  one cup or  2  vati
Ajwain 2 tabsp.
Chaar Jatna Magaj 100 gms.
Mamro Badam(mamro almonds) 150 gms.
Charoli(chironji) 150 gms.
Kaju   (cashew nuts) 100 gms.
Elaichi Jaiphal pwd.(cardamom/nutmeg) 2 tsp.
Pure ghee (hot, melted) 2 tablespoon
Salt to taste but not too much.
  • Ø Cut the  dry coconut in to very tiny pcs. Or pref. grate it,
  • Ø Pick and clean Suva, Variyali,  khuskhus , powa.
  • Ø Cut very fine Mamro Badam (American will also do, but Mamro is better)
  • Ø Cut very find Cashew nuts
  • Ø Dry roast all of the above   (except elachi/jaiphal powder) individually/separately on a  medium flame on tawa/non-stick pan.
  • Ø As you roast  each  ingredient put it in large plate and mix everything well.
  • Ø Put the entire mixture in a big steel/non stick vessel, make a little solution with salt and water and sprinkle all over and mix well.
  • Ø Now add 2 tablespoons  melted ghee and mix well on a slow flame till everything mixes well.  Keep stirring for 2 to 3 mins.  till nice aroma fills the room.
  • Ø Add cardamom/nutmeg (elaichi/Jaiphal powder) mix and remove from  the stove.
  • Ø Let it cool and store in 2 to 3 airtight bottles.
  • Ø Eat it as and when you like, after meals is a must, as it betters the quality of breast milk and you and the baby will have less gas to deal with.


Courtesy : Thrity Tantra


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