Doongerwadi process from USA to Mumbai

In response to various points made for dokhma :
1. It took only  about six days to consign the body.  Don’t know where three weeks comes from. That means you do the leg work , expedite and prepare in advance.In my case, I flew to San Francisco Indian embassy to get documents notarized.flew in the morning , returned same night.
The cost of the whole process was much less than burial in US  at the time. I was able to even get concessions from airlines.
2. That being said it is true that it should be consigned as soon as possible. That argument is nothing new and everytime the topic of dokhma came up at VD Meherji Rana’s camp is US he has  pointed out over and over again the nagararashni to  the body is far more important than the delay . Nature compensates for the unavoidable delay. 4 days ceremonies can be started as soon as the body is deceased, in Mumbai  . only Geh Sarna cannot be done without the physical presence of the body .
3. Also we should take into account that today swift transportation has and technology has made things humanly if not ideally possible. . the whole approach  is to be aware and plan,so that precious time is not lost , once a Zarathushti soul.
If at least one attempt is made due to this information than the goal is achieved (as they say many times if only one life is saved it is worth the trouble)  . There will be many (a vast majority I would imagine) of course who will choose for any amount of reasons stated  not to pursue . It sounds too much work and overwhelming. Actually my experience was not difficult at all . IMHO, it should be the duty of everyone to do the best for the deceased soul.
I know of at least five instances where the bodies were returned and Silloo was able to guide most of them through  my experience .
when there is will there is a way.

Sam M.Billimoria

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