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  • Well, well, well,
    Nothing new,
    Parsis or rather Parsis / Irani Zoroastrian patients are one of the most difficult lot to handle.
    I came across one case where a Parsi Mother and Son were admitted to a Mental Asylum under questionable circumstances. Even after being declared as cured after few years, their relatives just did not bother to take them home and unfortunately both remained in the Mental Asylum till Ahura Mazda took them to HIS HOME..
    Please do NOT ask me for any further details because I will NOT divulge anything but its a very sad fact.
    Before commenting on any case we should thoroughly investigate the case.
    I commend the CEO for having come out with facts and my sympathies to him.
    The CEO is requested to clarify whether Income Tax Sec 80G is applicable for Donations to the Hospital.

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