High stakes at an ill-tempered Parsi election

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High stakes at an ill-tempered Parsi election
Over the past two weeks, Parsis have been coming out to elect a new member to one of their richest charitable trusts, the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP). Election expenses are not to be winked at, with about Rs 25 lakh of trust money being spent on things like rain shelters for voters. Candidates are spending greater amounts to court voters with dhansak dinners and full-page newspaper ads.

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  • Maybe “dhansak dinners and full page advertisements” are the evil necessities,but the real bane of these elections are certain people of certain parties who have thrown all decencies to the wind and act in most reprehensible manne, threaten community members with their goons and ‘body guards”, with physical violence. Such a behavior is not a part of Zoroastrian culture and any person who feels threatened by the members of our community then he/she no right to aspire for its leadership as the trustee of the BPP.

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