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A Society by the name of The Association For Performance Of The First Year Necessary Death Ceremonies Of The Parsi Zoroastrians was founded in the year 1942 for the purposes of performing the essential death ceremonies of Parsi Zoroastrian individuals who desire to perform the same, but do not have any relatives who will get it performed. Presently considerable expenses are incurred for after death ceremonies and many of our brethren may not be aware of the ceremonies necessarily needed to be performed. The reasons for these are many, ignorance being one of them. There are Pa rsi Zoroastrian who do not have any heirs or for several other reasons harbor fear whether after their life time, essential death ceremonies will be performed or not for the purpose of peace of their Ruyan and it is the aim of the Society that the death ceremonies are performed of the said individuals keeping in mind the sentiments attached to the Zoroastrian tenets.

Presently, the activities of the Society are being revived based on the need of several Parsi/Irani Zoroastrians, who have requested revival of the same. The Society is headed by Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia, Chairman of the Association, and ably guided by:

Ervad Aspandiar Dadachanji, Trustee, Panthaky, Vatcha Gandhi Agiary.

Ms. Shernaz D. Mehta, Trustee, Vice- Chairman, Zoroastrian Co-operative Bank Ltd.

Mr. Ma nek J. Kalyaniwal la, Trustee, Advocate & Solicitor, High Court, Bombay.

Ervad Pakzad Y Katpitia, Administrator, Panthaky, Mithaiwala Agiary.

The Society is in talks with various Agiaries/Atash Behrams for a tie up for the performance of the first year After Death Ceremonies of the Zoroastrians, according to the area in which they live, and even the Zoroastrian individuals living outside Mumbai/lndia can avail of the Scheme offered by the Society.

The Society has presently two Options. It covers the essential after death ceremonies for one year including Muktad and is presently priced at Rs. 40,000/-. Option 2 is the economical scheme priced at Rs. 25,000/-, further details can be obtained from the Administrator from the Association’s office. The Zoroastrian individuals desiring to become members of this Scheme can contact the Society at the following address: Ervad Pakzad Y. Katpitia, Mithaiwala Agiary Compound, Jehangir Daji Street, Sleater Road, Grant Road (West), Mumbai 400007. Phone No. 8080222227, email: Zoroastrians who desire to get their first year after death ceremonies performed should become members of the Society by paying a nominal sum of Rs.51/- and thereafter can opt for any of the schemes mentioned above.

The Society is registered as per the Society’s Registration Act and also under the Bombay Public Trust Act and is being looked after by its Board of Trustees. Community members may take advantage of this Scheme depending on their needs. A General Meeting of the Association will be held on Saturday, 276 August 2011 at the administrative office of the Association at 10 am.

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    TO TRUSTEES OF MITHAIWALA AGIARY. Ever since there is a dog menace in the agiary we devotees find it very difficult to enter the agiary. The agiary is always kept dirty with amount-less dog hair and on the carpet we pray. sometimes we see the vomit of the dog, they even urine. Our discussion with Mr B Antia also has not helped. Some-time back we asked about the panthaky the other priests said he was travelling. Again after somedays we asked for the panthaky. The old lady who claimed to be the mother of the panthaky revealed a personal comment saying the panthaky is going through a divorce but we have heard this excuse a number of times years by nowsince several years and this is not the reason for the agiary being so shabby. We again asked the other priests they said he was busy and was travelling. One month passed and the panthaky was never to be seen. We feel he had no face to show and answer to the devotees his attitude was to overlook us knowingly. whenever we try to speak to the panthaky he is not to be seen and carelessly he leaves agiary on other superintendants shabbily. These both dogs white and brown colour are really creating a dog menace. Both dogs are smelling so dirty. The senior citizens have also tried speaking to the panthaky but to his deaf ears and his rude behaviour they feel he is no worth even being called a dastoorji and a panthaky. Our several calls to the trustee also has made all attempts fail. there is a remark for the panthaky misbehaving with other priests on any devotee performing prayers. We being zarthostis there should be a decent environment especially from the priests who should manage and maintain good respectable and value the position a panthaky holds. We have had high respect for the panthaky Pakzaad but on many occasions we have noticed his discipline not so very pleased. We appeal there are more needy persons who deserve the post of a panthaky who are much into the proffessional panel and which will leave a remarkable service life long. This is a humble request to all the trustees of the mithaiwala agiary.

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