20th All India Zoroastrian Youth Meet


The  Federation of Zoroastrian youth Associations, currently presided by Mr.Mabrin  Noshir Nanavatti, has in the past year seen a lot of activity. Ever since his  takeover, FOZYA has had the 18th All India Youth Meet at Pune in May 2010, the  19th All India Youth Meet at Baroda in Nov 2010 and an Intercity  youth Meet at Goa in May 2011. This year, FOZYA in conjunction with ZYNG, the  youth body of the BPP, have yet again  organized the 20thAll India  Youth Meet at Mumbai in October 2011 in its 20th Year.

During  the last decade FOZYA has had many interesting meets and those who have  attended earlier meets will vouch on it. FOZYA has had meets at Goa, Bordi,  Hyderabad, Calcutta, Nagpur, Dahanu, Pune (1989) and many more places.

FOZYA  has reached a milestone which would not have been possible without the  participation of its delegates and sponsors. FOZYA’s basic agenda is to  rekindle the spirit of interaction and assimilation amongst the Zoroastrian  Youth.

FOZYA has always placed the interests of the  Zoroastrian youth first and foremost and is committed to the interaction and  assimilation of all Zoroastrian youth bodies in India. It is also committed to  the advancement of the Zoroastrian faith and knowledge amongst the youth, while
maintaining a policy of flavour which respects the diverse traditions and  practises of Parsi and Irani Zoroastrians in India.

Over these 20 years, FOZYA has built an outstanding  reputation, which is recognised and respected by all Panchayats and Anjumans across India. None of this would have been possible without the trust and  confidence of members, donors, supporters and last but not the least delegates  and friends . FOZYA’s motto “keep our youth within our community”.

The  20thAll India Youth Meet being held at Mumbai is a special meet as  FOZYA completes 20 years and ZYNG members have come out in full Gusto to  organize the same. The Venue selected is the Avabai Petit School, where all  sessions and meals will take place and the accommodation for delegates has been  arranged at the TAJ Land End at Bandra. Delegate fees are now at Rs.5000,  inclusive of the stay at the Taj for 3 nights and delicious meals by the  Godiwala’s. Apart from this the organizing committee has come up with some  exciting icebreaker, religious sessions and games to keep the delegates  engrossed through out the day. Every evening will see music and dance to the  beat of popular Mumbai DJ’s. The meet not only promises new friends and  relations but also fun filled evenings and very interactive sessions and not  necessarily about religion alone. The age group will be restricted from 16yrs  to 40 years and is not a matrimonial meet. Registration forms are available at
http://www.zyng.org so keep checking in for more details. The forms received will be  on a first come first basis as accommodation is limited.

Formerly, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook  magic for medicine;  now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine  for magic. – Thomas Szasz

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Courtesy : Mabrin Nanavatti

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  • Rummy Jal Gandevia

    Please explain me the logic in restricting the age group from 16 to 40 years.
    I understand that it is a youth’s meet but remember every Zoroastrian is young at heart till the last moment & his or Hers life Experience counts a lot & the youngsters can gain a lot from their experience, but alas FOZYA does not think so
    Let Lord Zoroaster guide these misguided elements

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