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Activities during 2010-11

During 2010-11, the Trusts completed their fourth year of activities based on the Strategic Plan 2011 (SP 2011). The total disbursals made by the Trusts during the year were Rs1,687.09 million ($38.34 million). Disbursals of Rs1,367.54 million ($31.08 million) were made on all programme grants during the year. Endowment grant disbursals totalled up to Rs22.17 million ($0.50 million). Small grants touched Rs25.24 million ($57 million). Fifty-six new programme grants, one endowment grant and fifty-two new small grants were added to the Trusts’ portfolio during the year. The total disbursals to individuals amounted to Rs272.14 million ($6.19 million).

Click Here for their website and each individual link below for downloads of their activities.

Water Sector Policy Research Kharash Vistarotthan Yojana (Gujarat Salinity Initiative)

 Interlinking Water Harvesting Structures Through Link Water Channels
 Integrated Development of Valadar Village Through Wasteland Development Initiative
 Agriculture and Water Resource Development in Salinity Ingress Affected Coastal Areas

Elementary Education

 School libraries and reading
 Impact Assessment reports of Eklavya

Reviving the Green Revolution

Watch the video
 Basmati IPM Project impact assessment report
 Cotton IPM Project impact assessment report

Sukhi Baliraja Initiative

 Impact assessment report

Central India Initiative (CInI)

 CInI Newsletter – Volume 2 (August 2009)
 Kharif-Maize Stabilisation Programme
 Institutional Viability of Lift Irrigation Federations Promoted by Sadguru Foundation

Himmothan Pariyojana (Resolving the Himalayan dilemma)

 Study on Agrochemicals usage in the vegetable belts of Uttaranchal

Early Literacy Project

 Explorations and Reflections Part 1: Theoretical Perspectives
 Explorations and Reflections Part 2: Interventions in Hindi Classrooms


 Impact assessment report of Kalanjiam Foundation
 Health Financing: Protecting the Poor
 Feasibility of a Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) at Wayanad, Kerala
 Report on Community Health Insurance in India
 ACCORD Community Health Insurance: Increasing Access to Hospital Care
Rajasthan urban poor cash flow reports

Knowledge on Non Profit sector

 Pravah and appreciative enquiry 2000 – 2003
 Flowing together at Pravah: An appreciative enquiry

Annual Reports

 Annual Report 2010-11 (3.99 MB)
 Annual Report 2009-10 (4.44 MB)
 Annual Report 2008-09 (7.79 MB)
 Annual Report 2007-08 (4.08 MB)
 Annual Report 2006-07 (8.43 MB)
 Annual Report 2005-06 (8.68 MB)
 Annual Report 2004-05 (3.52 MB)
 Annual Report 2003-04 (4.32 MB)
 Annual Report 2002-03 (2.11 MB)
 Annual Report 2001-02 (173 KB)
 Annual Report 2000-01 (1.68 MB)
 Annual Report 1999-00 (2.08 MB)

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