The Parsis in Delhi

The Parsi community in Delhi is struggling because of dwindling numbers. But how is it really coping with this issue? NDTV visits the only Parsi temple in New Delhi on its 50th Anniversary, to know more.
Shiela Dixit’s Opening Remarks
It’s golden jubilee time at the Parsi Anjuman, New Delhi’s Fire Temple, reports Sonal Srivastava.The Parsi community in New Delhi is ready for Jashan – a fire ritual similar to havan among Hindus. In Jashan, the ceremony is performed on a white sheet with a pot of milk and flowers. Sandalwood and incense are used to keep the holy fire burning. The Jashan will be a part of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman’s celebration of the Golden Jubilee year of the holy fire in the Kaikhushru Pallonji Katrak Dar-e-Meher fire temple. The two-day celebrations starting December 18 will include panel discussions, an exhibition and a play besides the much awaited dance and dinner.
We have values, we are very proud of,” Mistry¬†

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  • I suggest to increase parsi population in Delhi, you can do the following :-

    1. Arrange often more get-togethers in a month where parsi youngsters meet each other and
    interact more amongst own community members so that they can marry in the community.
    Encourage more bachelors and spinsters of any age group so that they can marry in the

    2. Arrange job opportunities to unemployed people.

    3. Arrange small scale loans to entrepreneurs to start small businesses. Wherever applicable,
    you can give loans of even Rs 5 to 10 lacs after studying their business proposal minutely.

    4. Arrange minimum 2 rooms, kitchen flat on subsidised rent basis to those who do not have
    facilities of housing.

    5. Give free education help or medical help or family welfare help to poor and needy.

    6. Encourage second child family with minimum Rs 3,000/- per month extra bonus and third
    child Rs 5,000/- per month extra bonus.

    7. Arrange 5 free Navjotes and 5 free Weddings at-least once in 6 months to really poor and

    Your Anjuman will definetely need more funds to do all the above but it is really worth
    it. You can always find some good sponsors to do charity work.

    I am sure within another one year the figure of parsi population will definetely increase
    from 723 to 1,000.

    New Census figures will come out on 29th February, 2012.

    I myself have 3 children 18,16,and 13 years of age. I reside in mumbai.

    Wish you all the best.

    God Bless You. Yatha Jamyad, Yatha Afrinami.

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