Jazyl Homavazir

Jazyl is a 25 year-old aspiring Animator from Mumbai, India with a passion for concept art designing & animation. A self-taught illustrator and 2D animator, he runs a weekly web-comic  The Beast Legion

Beast Legion bagged the Comic Con India Award for ‘The Best Webcomic Series’ . He says he is humbled at all the support people have shown from across the web for the manga be it Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else. It’s truly a motivating factor to keep the comic going.

“I was kinda stunned when I was asked to inaugurate the WACOM Bamboo Manga tablet by none other than Wacom India’s Country Manager Mr. Rajeev Nagar who was gracious enough for giving me the opportunity. Another highlight for me was a chance to meet & gift a set to Mr Chris Oliveros of the ever popular Drawn & Quarterly.

Also I was expecting a huge crowd at the Comic Con , but WOW there were 35000 people who visited the convention over a 3 day period & we sold around 400 copies in the time frame. Here’s a few pics from the event.More to come..”

Check out more at http://jazylh.deviantart.com/ and his blog at http://jazylhomavazir.blogspot.in/

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