WZO Canada – A Charitable Organisation

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is a note to inform you all that WZO Canada is now an established Canadian Charitable Organization.

WZO, Canada’s Charity’s Registration Number is : 84429 0304 RR0001.

All donations made to WZO Canada are tax deductable and a receipt will be sent to you for the same.

We shall look forward to your kind support in disseminating this information to Zarathushtis in Canada in general, and the members of your associations in particular.

We would appreciate your efforts to urge your membership to become members of WZO Canada.

WZO international in UK has served faithfully to humanity in general and Zarathushti community in particular, in area of education, healthcare and in times of Natural disasters over more than 30 years.

We at WZO Canada hope to continue our efforts along the same lines, in the area of eliminating poverty and hunger, environmental sustainability, healthcare and opportunities in education to humanity in general and Zarathushti Community in particular in the years to come.

We can use all the help and assistance we can get, from our charity oriented Zarathushti Community in Canada to achieve these goals.


With Peace and Light from Mazda.


Jehan Bagli


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