Ramiyar Karanjia

Hello and welcome to my website where aspects of the Zoroastrian religion, its teachings, practices, texts and spirituality will be presented, as I understand it. The attempt will be to explain spirituality as the real essence of religion.

This is a comprehensive site where information about Zoroastrian religion, Iranian history, Avestan spirituality and Iranian Avesta languages will be available or can be requested. As my forte is simplifying texts and concepts, I hope there is no difficulty in following the matter presented on this site. This will be a dynamic website as it will develop and evolve, much like us humans, over a period of time. Though this website will boldly put forward views it will not enter into any controversies or personal discussions.

I have studied, taught and researched in the field of Zoroastrian religion, Iranian history and languages as also Avestan spirituality since the past 3 decades. This has given me the insight that religion should be a beautiful companion with which one would like to stay all through one’s life. It should not be a formality that one is compelled to comply with. If this site manages to evoke happy and positive thoughts at the mention of the word “religion”, much of its purpose will be served.

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  • Respected Ervad Saheb, would you consider taking a tour to Azerbaijan as that is quite literally the land of fire. although Azerbaijan had a Zoroastrian past, just like Iran the public is Muslim but it has the maximum number of fire temples. perhaps we could include the tour as part of HPY where our children would get to visit the land of their forefathers at a highly subsidized rate. I hope you will give my humble suggestions your favourable consideration. regards, hufrish

  • Dear Ervad Rayranjia, Hope you are safe & doing well? Would be having information on Mullah Shirin? This noble lady was fighting the persecution of Zoroastrians
    Hoping to hear from
    Thanking youfaridabam@gmail.com

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