New Coffee Table Book on 101 Eminent Zoroastrians

 ASHAVANS: A Legacy of Leadership released on 9.5.12

ASHAVANS: A Legacy of Leadership – A new Coffee Table Book on 101 Eminent Zoroastrians worldwide

Every once in a while, a community needs to celebrate its identity and uniqueness and rejoice in being what it is. It needs to take pride in itself – recall its glorious past, reaffirm its robust present and motivate its future generation to carry the torch of greatness forward. Nowhere is it truer than in the case of the small, but vibrant Zoroastrian community. A community without borders, it has not only enriched itself, but also the countries to which the members have migrated. As world citizens, Zoroastrians have risen to eminence, wherever they have chosen to live. It is this essence of eminence that ASHAVANS – A Legacy of Leadership, a new book on outstanding Zoroastrians captures. Featuring the profiles of 101 achievers and community stalwarts from various walks of life, it not only depicts their career graphs, but also offers rare personal glimpses. It opens a window to the lives and ideologies of these high performers, coming from different geographical regions around the world, from Iran to India and from Hong Kong to Europe and North America.

This coffee table book is an eclectic array of outstanding personalities from different spheres of human endeavours, such as Business, Finance, Art, Literature, Science, Religion, Technology, Medicine, Law, Community service and other areas. It is a reflection of and a testament to how and how much our small, but remarkable community has contributed in myriad ways towards the economy, the social milieu and the cultural fabric of countries around the world, and finally, towards nation-building itself. Within the covers of the book are portrayals of not only community patriarchs, but also of young and enterprising Zoroastrian entrepreneurs and professionals who have made their mark.

Apart from containing profiles of Zoroastrian men and women who are actively involved in their chosen fields, it also has an ‘In Memoriam’ section, which pays tribute to stalwarts of yesteryears, who laid the foundation on which the community’s achievements now rest. ASHAVANS – A Legacy of Leadership, is indeed, an inspiring read!

The volume authored by Meher Bhesania, was released on 9th May 2012. The year-long of hard work which went into its making, has been a challenging and an insightful journey, says Meher, Chair of 9th World Zoroastrian Congress who conceived and developed this book with the Project Team. It is hoped that ASHAVANS – A Legacy of Leadership will carve a niche in the hearts of the Zoroastrians worldwide.

With each profile carefully crafted and aesthetically designed, the book comes with an offering of an audio Compact Disc of our important ancient prayers, with a lucid translation and evocative music. ASHAVANS – A Legacy of Leadership, is undoubtedly a collector’s item, and an enduring edifice for posterity. It will find a pride of place in libraries and will inspire generations to follow in the footsteps of the 101 outstanding Zoroastrians, and motivate them to excel in their chosen fields. It will, perhaps, reinvigorate an entire legion of Zoroastrian youth to emulate the vision, integrity, the empowering philosophies and the spirit of philanthropy of the Ashavans, and help bring greater glory to the community.

ASHAVANS – A Legacy of Leadership, with its eternal message of the triumph of the indomitable human spirit in the face of challenges, also has a universal appeal and will find a ready echo in the hearts of anyone who reads it.


The book is available at Rs.4400/- .  It’s a limited edition. There will not be a reprint of this book in future so those of you who are interested in buying the copy are requested to send an email and delivery of the book will be done free of cost in Mumbai.


ASHAVANS – A Legacy of Leadership is a valuable source of reference. For business organisations, it will serve as an attractive and thoughtful corporate gift. For  industry leaders and professionals it will serve as a meaningful item of office display and an ideal gift to relatives and friends on auspicious occasions and the New Year.  


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