ZTFE 150th Anniversary @ House of Lords

Dear ZTFE Members & Well-wishers
It is with great delight and gratitude that we report the following excellent piece of news, for our ZTFE and all brother religious communities. Our most distinguished UK Zoroastrian, Lord Karan Bilimoria of Chelsea has succeeded in his efforts to bring to the notice of the nation the ZTFE 150th Anniversary and the contribution made by Zoroastrians as well as other religious minorities.
Lord Bilimoria will move a motion in the House of Lords on Thursday 24 May 2012 (which will be debated for about two and a half hours by the peers ), as follows:
“ That this House takes note of the contribution made by ethnic and religious communities to the cultural life and economy of the United Kingdom, on the occasion of the 150thAnniversary of the formation of the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe “
The House of Lords will debate this motion for about two and a half hours. Baroness Warsi will respond on behalf of the government. Several distinguished peers from other religious communities are expected to speak in the debate.
This is a landmark occasion in the history of the United Kingdom and most appropriate when we are all celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty. This Diamond Jubilee year has been designated as A Year of Service. ZTFE has played and is continuing to play its due role in projects associated with A Year of Service. Never before has the Zoroastrian community featured so prominently in this historic chamber. Fittingly, the first ever Zoroastrian peer will move the motion. Lord Bilimoria follows in the footsteps of the three great Zoroastrian MPs who graced the House of Commons nearly 100 years ago.
We express our deep gratitude to our patron Lord Bilimoria for all that he has done and continues to do for us. Within a short span of time he has established a well-deserved reputation for making strong contributions in the House of Lords on subjects such as Enterprise, small and medium businesses, the budget and above all, his beloved Zoroastrian community.
If you wish to come to the Visitors Gallery in the House of Lords to witness this debate, please send an email to malcolm_deboo@yahoo.co.uk  and we shall inform you of the time and other details. Photo ID is a must and please let us know by end of Tuesday 22nd May.
Yours sincerely
Malcolm M Deboo

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