Karachi Zarathusti Bannu Mandal: Centre celebrates 100 years of serving Zoroastrians of Karachi

After a hundred years of philanthropic activities, the Karachi Zoroastrian Bannu Mandal (KZBM) is celebrating its centenary anniversary throughout 2012. This historic moment will be marked with colourful, varied and vibrant festivals as well as other events.

As a part of the festivities, a two-day exhibition was organised on June 2 and June 3 to showcase the talent of Zarathusi women in arts and crafts. One person that really caught the eye of most people at the event was Kainaz Irani, a young, skilled woman, who showcased her mastery in making bracelets, necklaces and earrings out of simple, bright-coloured pearl, seed, red-crystal and rice beads as well as buttons. It is a hobby she has actively and passionately pursued, turning it into a small and simple business which she runs from her home. She adequately manages to balance her university life and studies with her passion for creating fashionable jewellery, which is offered at a nominal price.

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