Film on Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw

Please view this interesting film online on the life of Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw
Click Here for viewing the film online.
The VCDs are available for Rs. 350 from,the postage or courier charges will be paid for  by the addressee.The mails can be addressed to Mr Tirlochan Singh.
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  • Lt Col JS Bath,SM (Veteran)

    Interesting if one has the patience.
    Shows why he should have got a Bharat Ratna in the first place. Also, why he did not get it later, and the low key way his funeral was handled by the netas and babus.

    He engineered a historic victory, having got the understanding and cooperation of his prime minister. When there is talk of giving the Bharat Ratna to all and sundry, is it not time we first gave it to this great soldier who did our Nation so proud?

  • If India did the right thing by its people, would it be in such a mess? The thing to do for the Indians is what Manekshaw did and the Indians do the best — march on, regardless!

    — Ronnie Patel

  • Lt Col(Retd) JRF DSouza

    Great personalities such as Field Marshal SHFJ Manekshaw are born only once in a Century. How lucky I was to shake hands with him few hours before we marched into West Pakistan during 1971 War..Lt Col(Retd) JRF DSouza

  • Great man… I remember him quite often.. Bharat Ratna decoration would endorse nothing for this Soldier & the Gentleman..

  • Field Marshal SFHJ Manekshaw, a soldier , a leader , and above all someone who loved his country, and made us proud by his heroics and
    disciplined acts.No decoration is too high for this great man. I had the privelege of sharing the same bus ride with him after his retirement.
    Ashu Bhatt

    • Great. You have been so lucky.
      Field Marshal travelling by bus after retirement! How down to earth!

  • Raghunandan Sharma

    Fantastic work.Have shared the post and am requesting all to see the film too.One can learn so much from a him.A truly great soul,down to earth “Bawa” we know of.Saahebji.

  • Understand his aversion to politics but had he taken control of the country maybe we would be in another state… or maybe he should have just been put in charge of combating corruption!!

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