• Parsis claim to be a progressive community, but it is extremely sad that there are mindless retrograde religious fanatics who preach that no Zoroastrian must donate organs after death, and even go to the extent of saying that donation of blood during one’s lifetime is also harmful (not from the medical point of view, but from the religious view point) under certain circumstances. And such views are unfortunately put up on a Parsi website. It is a DISGRACE to the Parsi community.

  • Please advise if our Religion permits to accept organs from donors.

    • you should have asked if they would refuse a cadaver transplant to save a loved one or let the person die…

  • Maybe it should be pointed out that the above opinion is of those who follow kshnoomist view point is above.

    The opinion of scholarly priests are that any organs that can continue to be in live form death is O.K.

    This ofcourse is in relation to the aspect of death seen by the gathas, bundaishn, the vendidad,the denkard and mazda philosphy…

  • How can there be any information regarding donation of organs and blood in our sacred texts? when the texts were written these procedures were unknown.
    In the article “Can Parsis donate organs…..” it is mentioned that this body doesnt belong to me but has been given to me for this life,.. ok so who do i ask for permission and how? Then if I say God spoke to me and told me its ok to donate ur eyes after death how would anyone be able to refute my claim?

    We are taught “Good thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds” i thought that donating my eyes wud be a good thought and good deed, now here is someone telling me that i shouldnt help another human being and that i’m some different and greater being, looking down on other poor races…shouldnt mix our bloods…thats sick!! Hitler did that!!
    I think that i will use my good mind and make my own decisions thank you very much.

  • Behramsha Shroff was given knowledge in the Demavand Mountains by our saints, and what he says, one should follow.

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