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We are pleased to announce the re-publication on our website, from the widely distributed HAMAZOR magazine of the World Zoroastrian Organization, of the first part of a paper based on talks originally delivered by Mr. Adi Davar before ZAMWI’s Adult Discussion Group. Mr. Davar, a Founding Member of ZAMWI and its first President (1979–1983), has delved deeply into Prophet Zarathushtra’s original teachings. His analysis, concurred to by leading Gatha scholars, such as, Dr. Farahng Meher and Prof. Stanely Insler, explains in simple terms that the transformation of those teachings through the ages is often in conflict with and contradicts the original essential principles. This has led to a dilution of the Prophet’s simple and universal message and distorted the essence of his teachings.

In this thought provoking ‘back-to-basics’ paper, Mr. Davar urges Zarathushtis to study their faith to more fully understand the essence of Zarathushtra’s teachings.

The final installment will follow shortly.

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